CEO Harassment Complaints

The CEO of spirits Giant Diageo is currently under investigation after a group of employees and employees went to the press after their complaints went unheard within the company.
Andrew Donavan (45) has held the post for 8 years and during this time has seen profits soar.
He has been accused by a group of victims of pressuring them into relationships before dumping them after he became bored of them. They felt their jobs were at risk if they did not give him what he wanted.
Many complained to human resources, but they were never answered as they were counted as consensual relationships. They have felt that the only way for this to get taken seriously is to make it public and have issued a statement to the press.
“let it be known that the female employees of Diageo will no longer stand for the disgusting of Andrew Donovan.
His blatant use of his position of power to gain sexual favour from employees will no longer be tolerated or covered up”
The company has already been facing legal action from unions regarding pay disputes and this has caused further issue with the company’s stock dropping.