Severe Weather causes Chaos

Edinburgh has felt the brunt of two storms and is braced for further bad weather as residents deal with the aftermath. 

Homes have been left battered and broken after the high winds and rain from both Storm Ciara and Dennis hi Edinburgh hard, leaving some residents without power or heating , while others face steep repair bills as insurance firms refuse to pay out due to various loopholes. 

Edinburgh Council workers have been working nonstop to repair council housing damaged during the storms and the council has had to rehome those whose houses are considered unfit to live in.   The council said it had put in place many plans to protect the public during the storms, and they feel that they have worked well.  They are bracing for further bad weather but hope that the worst has passed. 

Patches of localised flooding occurred near parts of the canal, but swift intervention prevented any homes or businesses being badly damaged.    Investigations are ongoing into possible future options for preventing this from happening again.

The met office currently has not issued any further warnings of storms but has said that there is every chance that another could come before the end of march so the public should prepare accordingly.