Wester Hailes Angels

Wester Hails usually is thought of as one of the rougher parts of Edinburgh, a lot of deprivation, poverty, crime and drug abuse is prevalent.  Attempts to build the area back up have been moderately successful but with the pandemic and lockdown orders, the area has been bereft of any good news until recently.

A spate of good Samaritan gestures has started to happen in the area, from food parcels to birthday greeting to even saving lives.

There are guardian angels in Wester Hailes and they are helping.

MRs Agnes McKissick (84) was struggling with getting food deliveries.  One evening there was knock on her door and a whole food delivery was there waiting on her doorstep.

“I could not believe it, I was down to my last packet of rice, and I had nobody to do my shopping for me since my Arthur died”

This person or people, have greatly helped me in a time of need, thank you whoever you are”

John Aldis (24) was saved by a mysterious phone call to emergency services.  He took ill with the virus and was struggling to breath.  A call from a “concerned neighbour” got him rushed ot hospital in time to get him onto a ventilator where he is making improvement is is thought to be recovering.   The strange part is that none of his neighbours know Mr Aldis and he does not have any known family.   

Grace Cooper, A Nurse are the ERI said

“Whoever it was saved that man’s life.”

Mrs cooper also has had an experience of the mysterious generosity.

She is currently living away from her home in Wester Hailes where she lives with her two Son, Charlie and David.  She has chosen to live in a hotel to protect her boys while she works as part of the NHS in the ICU department. 

Her youngest Son Charlie was turning 10 recently and she was unable to celebrate with him, which broke her heart. 

Not long after his birthday a cake mysteriously showed up at their house to help celebrate.

All these gestures, big and small have shown that even during lockdown, community can still exist and help each other.  Be like these mysterious Angels and make someone’s day.