Missing Actor Re-appears.

The search for a local amateur actor ended suddenly on September 27th when the actor reappeared as abruptly as he went missing. Patrick Hamed, aged 22, was reported missing in prior weeks as confusion abounded due to leaks of a “LARP” amateur film was leaked onto social media and caused concern regarding the actor’s safety.  This led to a missing persons report filed with Police Scotland on the 26th of August.  However, our sources report the disappearance was perfectly reasonably explained.

“It appears that Mr Hamed suffers from a mental health condition that causes matters like this to occur,” said our source who has chosen to remain anonymous.  “However, a family bereavement exacerbated the condition and caused Mr Hamed to disappear for some time.  He is now seeking counselling and appears to be far better.”

I’m sure the readers of the Envoy will join us in wishing our condolences to Mr Hamed as well as a speedy recovery.