Halloween Auction is a Spooktacular Success

Once again, the Lyon and Turnbull Auction House opened its doors to the occult auction of “Mr Crowley” on the 31st of October.  And once again, the auction is reporting an immense level of success with nearly 1.5 million pounds being raised by the local occult scene which seems to be growing in leaps and bounds.  This broke the previous record sales of the auction by a substantial amount.

In a show of dramatics that seemed all to fitting with the subject matter, the auction followed a Halloween theme, and brought together a collection of pagan items and curiosities from around the world which made their way into excited bidders private collections.

“Mr Crawley” has stated that he plans for more themed events for his patrons in the coming months and has asked the Envoy to convey his personal thanks to his “loyal following.”

Can his success be repeated next month?  Stay tuned to the Envoy for more on this story.