Research Notes 2387

“We live in a World of Darkness” or so the Kindred say.  A world so wrapped in the Masquerade that it is blinded to the monsters that walk the streets with the mortals.  And make no mistake that their have been few.  No, there have been many an agent of chaos and destruction to walk the storied streets of Edinburgh.  But they have been matched by those dedicated to keeping the secrets that all Kindred hold dear.  But more and more things begin to seep through the cracks.  Plagues, carelessness and bloodshed are finding their ways into mortal eyes.  With more and more mortals asking questions around strange disappearances.  More and more mortals clutching crosses close. More and more banding together to push back the dark.
“It is simply a matter of time” says the Doctor.  He speaks of things like Inquisition and hunters.  Mortals sworn to push the Kindred back into the pit and taking every other thing with it.  For that is our way, or at least it’s yours.  For I am not one of you any more.  For the Doctor needed someone like me to record what he finds.  “Patient history” he calls it.  For he believes his kind are simply ill.  But he believes the problems that they have caused through lack of treatment may lead to “triage”, or death to the rest of us.  So he wants me to record his thoughts.  To record a history of the troubled city of Edinburgh.  So someone has a head start once he is gone.
Least I can do for the man who saved me from an engineered plague.

So, looking through these notes.  I figure that might be the best place to start.

The Eclipse Virus.

I’ll have to take a second as this hits close to home.  Mostly because if it wasn’t for the Doctor, this disease would have killed me like it did my best friend.

OK.  What can we say here.

Going through the Doctors notes he mentions somethings about a “genetically produced and chemically enhanced protein strain based on the Ebola viral strain.”  Long story short, that means it was a disease that someone cooked up that killed an awful lot of people in a very nasty manner.  It was created by a nasty bunch of Kindred called the Sabbat and delivered to Edinburgh as an endgame for a disgruntled former resident called Zed.  A Toreador who felt that, because he had received less than stellar treatment at the hands of the city, he should murder everyone and to make matters worse.  He found himself a like minded soul in the Toreador, Eclipsa.  This Toreador happened to be a master of poisons and herbal concoctions which went hand in hand with making matters apocalyptic.  So it came down to a race against time between two doctors, Malkavian and Tremere, racing for a cure before this virus killed everyone.

And race they did.  Testing chemical components and protein compounds that the medical world will be discussing for centuries as well as whatever it is the Tremere do, something called “touch based haematological analysis and agitation” according to the Doctor but rumour has it that its more like magic though I would never tell him that.  They even captured Eclipsa and found that her blood was one of the genetic components in the virus.

End of the day, the doctors took the risk and “broke ethical protocol” by testing curatives on Eclipsa and eventually forming a solution that the Doctor tried on himself.  Which thankfully worked, though it hurt him badly according to his notes.  But it worked and the Doctor distributed the work to the masses.  Not even brokering money like a lot would have.  And the Tremere, well who knows what he did with the research.  But the two pulled the world back from the brink for the city of Edinburgh.  Whether the citizens care to acknowledge it or not.

The Fae/Garou war.
Apparently the Doctor had left the city of Edinburgh before this happened because of “a smelly sociopath and a bold faced liar.”  Which doesn’t sound so bad unless you know the Doctor.  The fact that he called someone smelly and another a liar is a fairly scathing attack.  But from what I’ve learned that’s neither here nor there with Edinburgh.

But this one was a little different. 

You see, I only found out about when the Doctor started having his episodes again and no amount of his medicine would calm him.  He would yell about, “the blood, the moon and the seasons at war.”  Over and over with such desperation I worried he would hurt himself or worse.  But when others started doing the same, I thought it best I started checking into it.

Wasn’t really surprised that Edinburgh had caused a disaster.

You see, someone apparently tried to get wordy with the Wyld folk.  Yes, literal faeries (Doctors note: specific sub-psychosis with manifest delusions tending towards the mythological).  Setting them on the werewolves that the city of Edinburgh have a truce with (Doctors note: Lycanthropic delusions with adrenal hyperstimuli triggered by emotional onset).  As you can imagine.  This did not go down well.  Resulting in the deal making Kindred running for it before being hunted down by several groups and a truce being struck somehow by a Nosferatu and a Gangrel (Doctors Notes: Patient subtypes.  See clinician patient histories).  But the scars of this are evident as it really brought things to the edge.  Werewolf cubs were taken.  Fae fields and Fae were killed.  Kindred went missing including the Nosferstu who brokered the deal.  

Unsurprisingly.  Its left things very tense.

But still, the Doctor insists that one day we will have to go back.  

For better or worse.  I’ll be with him.

Christopher Hawthorn

(Doctors notes: Christopher has a reduced case of Cotards Porphoryic Syndrome with Comorbid Psychosis.  This presents largely in delusions of the supernatural and a requirement to drink my blood.  Have been presenting him with a placebo with a B12 solution for oral ingestion and allowing him to record “histories” to placate the more excessive impact of his delusional state.  Side effect of Christopher growing protective and loyal towards me.  Easily managed through continued care.  Continuing haematological study of the Kramer “blood bonding” effect through Christophers blood with his permission.  Further notes to follow.  Dr Gideon Kramer Phd).