Three Score and Sixty

How many times have we died now, only to get hunted again?

“By my count, 326 times dear boy”

Course y’all would have kept count.  Well tell me how’s, how long we been here?

“Hahaha who knows.  And that’s half the fun.”

Thank you kindly Ikaros.  For a voice in muh head.  You could be a more helpful one.

“Fair.  Well in that case.  Duck!!”

Instantaneously, battle reactions kicked in for the Vampire as he threw himself to what passed for ground in the Fae realm.  Covered in blue “grass” that shattered like glass, digging into his flesh and drawing vitae… crimson rivulets.   Still, it was far better than tasting the living lash that snapped through the mist that cloyed to the area.

“Hellooooo child of the blood….you are true to your word….you are difficult prey!”

The lash retracted with snaps of its crystalline teeth.  Each end of the lash seemed to end in a small creatures mouth that formed part of the larger creatures arm.  A centaur like beast of glowing blue ice and crystal.  Palpable pulses of freezing cold surging from its core.  A multi-armed body atop it.  One armed formed of the lash, one a shield and two welding swords that screamed in agony.  That prayed for death with every swing.  Creating a creature of sharp angles and stark motions that mocked nature with its very existence.

“Well I don’t know about you Frank but I’m in love.”

Frank didn’t even respond to the sarcasm of the passenger he carried in his kind.  He simply drew rat-fang and one of his fathers guns and did what he did best.  He fought.

It would have been easier had he his disciplines.  But since coming to the Fae realm in Autumn.  He was as human as could be.  He had seen his face for the first time in centuries and hunted with the Autumn Fae for as long as they tolerated him.  They gave him food they found on “the other side” which was lucky as being addicted to Fae fruit was best avoided if he ever wanted to see his home again.  And during this time he got to see the beauty of the Fae realm.  The shifting trees.  The moving land.  The skies that changed colours to tones and shades he had never dreamed of.  But he was aware of the separation.  For as the Autumn Fae made love, he lived alone.  Whilst they hunted with him.  They still kept him separate.  While they regaled each other , he was alone with his thoughts. A memory leapt unbidden as it always  did at times like this.  Back to when he woke briefly to make Ikaros save Edinburgh.

Jukka.  A Gangrel Elder with a mouth  had caused a war.  Between Fae and Garou and damned if the Kindred weren’t caught right in the middle.  It was during this time that Frank was deeply asleep and his passenger.  The thing called Ikaros was deeply in control of his body.  Slaughtering, killing and torturing his way through problems as he did so.  Did Frank really know why?  Nope.  And Ikaros wasn’t up for mentioning it during the….however long he had been here.

The crack of the lash and the searing pain of teeth, burning hotter than a Gangrel claw raced axcross his face, snapping Frank from his reverie and making him curse his lack of concentration.

“You know Frank, if you must daydream.   Can you let me take over so we aren’t torn to pieces?”

Fair enough hoss.  I could use the sleep.

An all to familiar feeling came upon him as his eyes flared red.  A symbol in his head.  The word Daedelus and a phrase said by both with practiced timing.


The rush of blood and an unspeakable joy filled him as his limbs were no longer his.  But Frank knew that the monster was the best chance they had of not dying here.

But that gave time to finish thinking as Ikaros leapt at the Fae with a savage glee.
And so his mind drifted off.  Pushing away thoughts of what Ikaros did to poor Heath.  Stuffing down the anger at blood hunting a lost kid who was lashing out.  But he knew she was gone.  Mabel too.  Nothing he could do to get them back.  Even Mor was beyond him.  And good thing.  Cause Heath proved that all he deserved was hell.

This place was where he should be forever. But Frank pushed onwards to bringing the Fae and the wolves to the table.  Deals and offerings were made.   Causes were killed and ashes were spread.  He even built a place where diplomacy could happen between the races.  But of course, someone always wants more at these things.  And this time it was the Fae.

“We want your 3 strongest hunters.”

They wanted to take 3 Kindred warriors to the Fae realm.  A plane of magic where anything can be anything for the Fae.  Where your body was just a plaything and life and death were just a matter of a Fae wanting it to exist. 

Totally alien.

Utter hell.

And they wanted three of his people.

For a brief moment.  Frank was there again.  He didn’t know why.  He only knew he had seconds to save people.  So he turned to Nick who was the only other Kindred that was there and told him “tell them to remember me as a hero” though Ikaros may have made it more sarcastic.  Then he turned to the Fae and said the line that brought him to hell.

“I am our three strongest hunters.”

Their body hit the floor.  Glass blades snapping into him.  Guts freed to the freezing wind.  Pain and shock filling him.

“Well at least I gave it a limp,” Ikaros smirked as they died one more time.

As his head tilted to the side, he saw a young Kindred boy looking through a portal.

A way out.

Yeah Ikaros.  We have to keep the little things.  Cause we’re here for a long time.

“3 score and 60 to be specific.  So please die so we can get back to learning how to kill these things.”

The portal faded and was gone. As Frank smiled.  Knowing the monster Ikaros was trapped for now.

Sure hoss.  I’ll get right….on…it.