Helping Hands Need More Hands.

The readership of the Envoy should be well aware of the charity, Helping Hands.  But for our newer readers.  We can explain that it is a charity that has assisted and helped across Edinburgh during violence, homelessness and disease.And now they need your help.

The charity has reported a severe decline in volunteers during the time of the Pandemic.  As many people are looking to shelter from the COVID-19 virus that ravages the world even as we speak.  However, many have relied on the assistance of this charity on a day to day basis and with this slump in manpower.  Many requests are being turned away due to an inability to assist.  Leaving some of the most vulnerable of Edinburgh in need.

Therefore, the Envoy asks any readers who believe they are able.  Please contact the helping hands charity at and offer to volunteer.

You may make the difference between life and death.