If you all won’t behave…

First Minister Sturgeon has updated the country on plans to introduce harsher penalties due to repeated infractions of COVID-19 restrictions such as those seen during international football and November 5th celebrations.  A move that has garnered a great deal of support amongst local councils struggling to cope with rising infection rates.

“Many are staying the course for the good of the nation.  However, there are a minority who flaunt the advice given for the good of us all.  So to them, I say this.  Scottish authorities will not stand idly by and let your behaviour risk those who are sacrificing under these trying times   Which is why I am authorising a list of harsher penalties for those who break restrictions such as fines of £10000 and/or arrest and imprisonment for up to 6 months,” was the hard line the First Minister took to rousing support.

The move was then summarily authorised by majority vote across Scotland for any area in Level 3 or higher restrictions.  Coming into force from Monday the 9th of November.
More as this develops