Putting Money Before Humanity.

It has come to the attention of the Envoy that people in the city of Edinburgh are losing their homes.  Being placed in the streets.  Losing family memories.  And all because landlords of the city are pouncing on the reclamation of properties citing failure to pay rent.

“How can they do this to us,” asked one distraught woman, “ my kids are 3 and 5.  My husband is disabled and I’ve not been able to work because of the Pandemic.  Where am I going to go?”

The Envoy has tried to contact a number of these landlords.  Looking for justification for putting people on the streets during this time of hardship.  At best, we have received quotes of “it is our legal right” if any comment was made at all.

So the Envoy says to these landlords.  It is our legal right to let the people know of what you are doing, though we cannot name names.  So, we advise caution from our readership so you are not preyed upon by a seemingly friendly landlord.