The Casino of the Future.

The Envoy received an invite from Mr Adam Carlisle, on behalf of local philanthropist Ronan Devitt.  Offering a preview viewing of the soon to open Black Rose Casino and Hotel which opens its doors in January.  And like many of you.  We were curious.  So along we went on November the 27th and to say the least.  The mystique does not do justice.

The sheer aura of what was on offer was captivating.  A panoply of subtle but futuristic colour offset with synthesiser music and a colour reactive dance floor.  All blending together to a complimentary kaleidoscope that enraptured the senses.
But it does not end there.

Premium drinks, VIP areas, private rooms and an elite area combined with live entertainment and luxury rooms that offer rest and relaxation for every price range.  Combined with elite level security and offers for key workers who have been hard at work during.  The Black Rose is shaping up to revitalise the entertainment scene of Edinburgh.

We of the Envoy offer it our highest recommendation and cannot wait till opening night.