Final Moments

Content Warning: Paedophilia, Incest, blood, gore

You had to leave quickly, she never understood the special bond you had with Amy, and you don’t know how, who or why but they had emailed everything to her. All the forum posts, email chains, logins & passwords, everything that you kept hidden from her, probably sent to her from some jealous bastard on the forums who wanted Amy for themselves, but they could never replace you. Your bond with your daughter was… special. 

You scrambled to pack your bag while she was screaming at you to get out, a shirt & trousers. You could always can buy more. She’s screaming that she’s calling the police now, you grab what you can and run out of the house to your car.

As you throw your hastily packed bag into the back of your car your world goes black, something dark has been put over your face and then pain rockets from your chest and back before you pass out.

You wake up, you groan as the pain in your back returns. The blackness from your face is removed and you shut your eyes tight as your world is filled with intense light. You blink and try and focus, you are in a room, a table in front of you and the white light everywhere.

A man is with you, your focus goes straight to him, unnervingly so, he’s smiling and looking right at you and you…. are not scared. You should be but you are not, there is something comforting about him, something inside you wants to listen to him.
“Greetings Douglas” the man says. “It’s a genuine pleasure to meet you at last. My name is… unimportant. I apologise for the methods used to bring you here, however you seem to have forces working against you.” He pauses and shifts in his own chair, “I heard your pleas Douglas, and I’m going to give you your most treasured

He slides a picture over to you. It’s Amy! Your Amy, your precious girl. She’s alive and he has to know where she is! You’re going to see her again, you know it! 
You grab the photo and hold it tight never wanting to let her go again that you hardly notice the man stand up and continue speaking.

“She’s happy, Douglas, and I found her for you.” The man’s words are soft and comforting and he slowly stands up and begins to walk around to your side “I know how much you have wanted her back. I know how much you wonder why she left.”

YES! She left your home, ran away. You loved her and she loved you, it must have been her mother! Driving you apart! And this man, this man is going to bring you together again! You will both be so happy together once more! Look at her smile, she’s happier than she was ever at home with her mother, you will make a new
home together where no one will question it. She will smile just as much every day with you.

“But I’m here now, to help you,” A hand rests on your shoulder, gently squeezing it, “and to tell you that you will never hurt her again” 

You barely register the sentence before you feel something cold and sharp stab you through the neck, you begin to choke and splutter.
You look at the man, a blade in his hand as he continues to speak, his words now like ice, cold and hard, unforgiving
“Look at her Douglas, look at how happy she is without you, happy that you can’t touch her, that she’s safe and will never be violated by you again.”

You clutch at your neck, your eyes never leaving the photo, the last thing you will ever see.

“You are lucky I’m a better man than you Douglas, others would have taken their time with you.”

But he was going to help you…. Amy… you loved her, this can’t be how it ends.  You know now that you will never see her again, your precious Amy will never know your touch again and if you could you would start to sob as everything becomes cold and your vision begins to fade.

If you were still able to witness the events of your body, you would have seen the man clean the blade that he used to puncture your neck, look upon your remains with the barest flicker of emotion crossing his face.

Shortly after two men come in and begin to clean you up, change your clothes, put your body into the boot of your car and drive outside of the city. There they hang you from a rope on a tree branch, and over the following weeks and months you would see your remains rot, fall from the rope, being to be devoured by animals, maggots and bacteria. 

No one mourns, no one grieves, and once the denizens of the forest have had their fill of you, you will be alone, for now and forever.