Nicks body hits the floor crash and snapping of branches and twigs fill his ears smells he hasn’t encountered before fill his nostrils the pain that feels like he has been mauled by a pack of garou rack his body.

Nick has felt fire before he has even felt the agony of claws and yet the pain is almost unbearable. Anger and rage fills his body knowing dawn cant be far away he uses that fire to move to get himself safe.

Finding cave or least he thinks its a cave he drags himself inside thinking that this will just have to do and that his new flatmates will just have to deal with it for the next few days.

Nick places himself out of the sunlight to rest till the pain passes and to contemplate what comes next.

A gun and a bullet made of pride made of hopes and dreams of kindness and well meaning tainted by others that want nothing more than personal gain and power for selfish desires.

Sure I picked up that gun sure I even pushed it against my head even with that hair trigger I took that risk. I suppose it was only a matter of time that the hammer would fall and find that bullet and my game of Russian roulette would be over but I didn’t think it be so soon.

I knew there was ones out there working away to erode my position spreading false truths manipulating others against me. The lust for power the wanting of control that’s the root of corruption here.

At least now I have a good idea who they are the plotters the false whisperers the manipulators the would be puppet masters.

Trust now there’s a funny thing be care full who you give it to and be vigilant t in those who have it from you its to easy to be setup by them. To be honest though I hold all of them equally accountable.

Nick lets out a faint laugh at the though of the betrayal the setup that he now has to live with the consequences of with a slight crack of his lips a smile a flicker of madness between the winces of pain.

Oh yeah how could I forget guess today’s sleep isn’t going to be quite as peaceful as much as I would have liked.

I Should have stuck to my guns and only ever trusted the 2 beings that I started with my pack my companions. I fear even they may be lost to me.

Note to self trust no one it will be your downfall god knows I wont be making that mistake again.

I have spent the best part of 13 years finding out who I am even finding out a bit of who I was that life I wanted to leave behind took an oath to not kill another sentient being.

But this point this very instance will determine who and what I am. Am I a good man… I want to be… I have been.

Do I take revenge on those that have wronged me…. that sounds good right about now.

All questions to ask later for now I need sleep and to get back to civilisation find out were I’ve been dumped.

As nick sits with thought’s swimming in his brain and the pain from even the slightest of movements. Words that he heard from some t.v show swirl around with everything else. Another smile another crack as another slight smiles crosses his face.

“Demons run when a good man goes to war

night will fall and drown the sun

when a good man goes to war

friendship dies and true love lies

night will fall and the darkness rise

when a good man goes to war”

the first crack of dawn is felt and nick starts to lose consciousness before he dose he utters 2 words that sum up the situation.

well fuck