Ronan’s End

The last few week of Ronans life are hard for him.  He loses contact with the retrieval team in Manchester, finding out they had walked into a Hunter ambush while trying to claim one of the Connor Anderson duplicates.  He notes an uptake in losses to the Hunters as more of his allies in Europe go dark.  He sees that he’s been put on a no fly list by the CPI and the underworld transport lanes are blocked up.  He calculates his odds over and over and it always comes back the same.

His time is up.  He’s going to die.

So, he vows to do so in the most spiteful Ventrue manner possible and honor his oath to defend Edinburgh and try to take large swathes of Hunters with him.  With a little bit of revenge against the city that took his love thrown in.

So, he dismisses Miss Wilson and thanks her for her service, giving her the Berlin coin and asks her as a last favour to head for Germany with Jonas.  The coin may buy them help.  She’s also given a detonator and a button cam frequency with the request that if he goes without pulling the switch, she does it for him.  Lots of hugs as he liked Miss Wilson and Jonas.

He arranges for a whole lot of explosives to be placed in his businesses.  Enough to flatten them and makes a song and dance about vamps being in attendance via the media ties of Mr Carlisle and forged images from the underworld.  No kids allowed will be the deal.  Mr Carlisle is given more money than he will ever need and thanked for his service.

His house guards are sent to bookstore of Gwen with orders to defend her with everything they have.  Others will be sent to help Fox though (as discussed by Will) they will not find him at any of his usual haunts.  To which Ronan will be thankful that at least someone from the Camarilla was smart enough to make it out.  He hopes this fulfils his promise to see Fox to no harm for Anatisia.

Final reports sent to the Madrigal and Justicariate on what has happened.  Madrigal asked to drain tithe account and city funds once I’m gone/city has fallen.  Coms destroyed so Madrigal and Justicariate can’t be traced 
As many criminals and dodgy folk as I can manage gather are sent to aid the Countessa as she is Ventrue but my major support goes to the Cam.  They carry her a note:

“Dear Shouna
By the time you read this, I’m already dead.
Respecting an Anarch was once something I thought I could never do.
You proved me wrong.
May we be in the same sect in whatever comes next.

And now Ronan’s finale.
He makes his way to the grave of Roxie and Charlie with Anderson and company in tow.  He carries his old shotgun with him.  But the hunters barely give him time for a prayer to his loved ones before they spill out of their cars.

“Give it up bloodsucker,” one yells, “you’re fu…..”

Ronan blew his face off before he finished his thoughts.

The hunters opened fire and riddled Ronan with bullets and pain.  Fortitude and shear stubbornness allowing him to kill another hunter and injure one more before he eventually fell, barely clinging to consciousness as he heard an approach.  The smell of gasoline accompanying a splash and the light of a match.

“Don’t worry Roxie,” he managed through the wreckage of his face, “I’m coming home.”

He knew his detonator was wrecked so didn’t waste his energy.

“What was that bloodsucker?”  Asked a voice as the flames began to consume Ronan.

Explosions in the distance brought a smile to his blackening lips and the hunters scattered in confusion.


And then, his final spiteful moment was, like him, no more than dust on the wind.