Gain the “inoffensive to animals” merit for free if you wish, regardless of how you acquired Animalism.

1. “Song of the beast”, no blood cost, allows you to ‘talk’ to animals or Kindred in animal form, exchanging very simple thoughts with them [Animal-form Kindred are still capable of hearing spoken language, but cannot speak in a human language aloud]. Eye contact required. Spending 1 blood gives you effectively Presence 1 Awe over the animal, but not animal-form Kindred.

2. “Call of the Wild”, summon 1 specific type of animal, all animals within 100 metres will respond to the call and come to you. Not compelled to obey you, but nor will they harm you. 1 blood.

3. “Sweet Whispers”, calm a raging animal or vampire, or bring a vampire out of Frenzy. 1 blood cost for animals or non-frenzying vampires, 2 blood for a frenzying vampire. The act of calming down your target needs to be roleplayed out, and if used on a non-frenzying vampire, will cause them to calm down and be less likely to attack, act aggressive, or fall into a frenzy.

4. “Sharing of Spirits”, you can possess an animal’s body. Your body falls into torpor until your mind returns. You can control the animal to do anything within its nature, or for an extra blood point issue a single command outwith its nature. Your consciousness may return to your torpored body at any point, at will. If the animal is killed, your consciousness also immediately returns to your body without penalty. Additionally, if the sun comes up your consciousness will immediately return to your body, which may then fall into slumber as usual for the sun rising. Costs 3 blood to activate, 1 to issue a command the animal would not normally do.

5. “The Roving Beast”, if you frenzy you may throw your beast into another vampire, who will then instantly fall into frenzy, or into a ghoul or mortal who flies into a murderous rage. When the target vampire (or ghoul/mortal) calms down, your beast returns to you. While you are without your beast, you may not gain sustenance from blood and may not activate any disciplines that require blood spends. 2 blood.