Auspex is used as a direct counter to Obfuscate of any level; a call of Auspex equal to or greater than your Obfuscate level will reveal you to whoever made the Auspex call, this includes the level 3 power. Note however that it’s expected you would have a good reason to use Auspex to scan the area, and simply abusing the power to immediately see anyone that you notice Out Of Character is considered bad play.

Auspex is counted as the aggressor when being used to see through Obfuscate. Using Auspex to attempt to see invisible characters does not count as one of the five levels of Auspex, and is instead simply called by approaching the person OOC, declaring your Auspex level, and asking if you can see them.

If you approach the Obfuscated target and come into physical contact with them, their Obfuscate breaks. Physical contact includes hitting the person with a ranged attack. However, simply seeing the person in Obfuscate or calling out their position won’t break their Obfuscate, only physical interaction with the Obfuscated target.

Note; It is expected that you have a good In-character reason to scan the area with Auspex, simply abusing the power to try and immediately out anyone that you notice Out Of Character using the Obfuscate ability is considered foul play.

1. “Heightened Senses”, Pump up all of your senses by 2 points while concentrating. Anything that strongly affects any of your senses (a Nosferatu’s stench flaw, a bright flash, a gunshot) causes you to become overloaded and effectively lose the ability to perceive your surroundings with the affected sense for the next ten minutes, plus it is expected that you act out having had your senses overloaded – and as such attempting anything else is heavily impaired, thus you cannot put your senses back up again until the effect is over. (Gagging at the stench, being blinded by the flash, having your ears hurt by the gunshot). Mechanically, you may use this ability to place two fingers in the air (to note that you are not physically present at the area, but may somehow perceive it) and travel up to double your effective Perception rating (including the plus 2) in metres to observe something – either by looking at it from far away, or listening in to a nearby conversation. Additionally, you may use your increased Perception rating to perform Perception dodges (assuming your increased Perception is high enough) Note that someone simply clapping their hands elsewhere in the room might not affect you if your sense of hearing is being heightened, but if someone were to go up to your physical body and clap their hands it would cause your hearing to become overloaded as usual. No blood cost.

2.” Aura Perception”, Focus on a single target for ten seconds, after which a faint aura surrounds them. The colour, its vibrancy, plus one or two other possible factors will give you some information about your target. The colour depicts what their mood is, the vibrancy depicts how ‘alive’ they are (mortals and ghouls tend to have the same bright aura, old ghouls have a slightly faded aura, vampires have a very faded aura, and outright dead corpses have a completely faded aura), plus other things you might see such as swirls (a Malkavian actively suffering their derangement) or sparkles (the target has a magical item or effect on their person). Approach your target Out Of Character, and ask them “What’s your aura currently?”. No blood cost.

3. “Spirit’s Touch”, by touching an object, the user may glean a vision containing information on what the last significant thing to happen involving that object was. For example, a weapon would give a vision of the last time it struck someone down, whereas a chair that’s had a pretty simple and uneventful existence would show a vision of how it was created. Requires a Narrator to give the vision, and as a player you’re welcome to interpret or flavour that vision according to how your character thinks and feels. For example, a Malkavian would have their derangement colour how they actually experienced the vision. 2 blood cost.

4. “Telepathy”, allows you the ability to read a person’s mind. For 1 blood cost, you may ask them a simple yes/no question (“Are you telling the truth?” “Did you murder the Prince?”), whereas for 3 blood you may ask them a question and receive a short sentence in response (“Where did you take the hostage?” “Do you like Cinnamon Crunch cereal?”). The target must answer truthfully, based on what the character believes to be true, and even if the actual fact is untrue if the character -believes- it to be true then the mind-read will tell you they are telling the truth. If the character does not remember a specific event for whatever reason, they probably can’t give much of an answer about it. 1 blood cost for a yes/no answer, 3 blood cost for a simple sentence response.

Note; Characters with this power themselves, or with a sufficiently high Kindred Lore [ESR 4 at least] may be able to tell that they have had this power used on them.

5. “Astral Projection”, your spirit leaves your body and can wander around. Your physical body falls into torpor until your mind returns to it which it can do so at any time, immediately, at will. When using this ability you travel unseen except by others also using this power, or possibly by other means (and other creatures). You may manifest as a ghost-like image and communicate with the physical world and your spirit may not be harmed at any time by physical means, however your torpored body is still just as vulnerable as ever and you are prone to being staked or executed. No other disciplines may be used while in Astral Projection except from the various levels of Auspex. You may only move at your normal walking speed, however you are unimpeded by physical barriers. When using Astral Projection, place two fingers in the air to indicate that you are not physically present but can perceive the location. If you wish to manifest, spend the appropriate blood cost and put your fingers down so that it is apparent you can be seen — however, if anyone attempts to physically interact with you, call “No Effect” to indicate that despite being visible you are not a physical entity at the time. 3 blood to activate initially, 2 to manifest as a ghost-like vision. Your blood pool is equal to whatever it was after spending blood to initially activate this discipline, and you cannot have further blood pumped or funneled into your torpored body to keep your blood pool topped up while in Astral form.