Backgrounds, after character creation, may be gained or improved through appropriate roleplay and work put in to Downtimes. At higher levels, an xp spend may also be required.

Resources is a measure of the wealth that your character has to hand, and is usually considered as a guideline for how much your character can purchase within a month. Note that not spending your Resources in a month will not grant you the extra money in the next month. Purchasing certain things may also require a suitable Tie, and having sufficient ties or certain skills may also make the purchase cheaper than it would otherwise be.

Points in “Resources” background 0 1 2 3 4 5
Job; None Menial Steady Good Exec. Millionaire
Transport; Foot Bicycle Small car Family car Two cars Limousine
Home; Gutter Bed-sit Flat House Large house Mansion
Max monthly spend; £50 £500 £1000 £1-5k £5-50k £50-500k

Ties as a background represents people that your characters knows, the more points put into a specific Tie the more influence you have with that group. Examples for Ties would be “Military” (You know someone or a group of people within the Military) or “Media” (You have influence with the media, be it you have a hand at the offices of a newspaper or you own a radio show). Additionally you may have a tie within certain clans or sects in Kindred society, such as Ties (Camarilla) or Ties (Gangrel).

Retainers as a background represents having a personal servant, with the more points placed into a specific retainer making them more useful to you and possibly more likely to carry out your wishes. Taking a Ghouled human or animal as a retainer is explained in the Appendices at the end of the rules document, however a Retainer does not -have- to be a ghoul, and if they are not a Ghoul they simply become more skilled and more loyal the higher you take this Background at [additionally, older Ghouls should be more powerful, while younger ghouls should be less powerful since they haven’t had the time to learn or advance their new powers]. Note that having a company with underlings would not be covered by the Retainer background [instead, take this as a Tie, such as Tie (Your Company) at a high level] – however, having a personal aide or secretary could be considered to be its own separate Retainer. If you wish to increase the stats or skills that a Retainer (of any kind) has after character creation, you must spend your own XP points on them and they cannot gain extra freebies from their own Flaws nor a written character history for the Retainer.

Retainers, no matter their stats or skills, will never be as effective in their actions as a player-character Kindred can be. They also still have some autonomy and may question any bad decisions on their domitor’s behalf, although they will most likely still go through with all requests sent to them.

Nosferatu Whispers; This background is unique to Clan Nosferatu, and represents how well connected you are to the information-sharing network that the Nosferatu keep. Higher levels mean you can potentially get more information out of the network, and the more you feed into the network, the more you could potentially get out of the network… but if you feed nothing back into the network, it may well stop giving you as much back out as it used to.

Malkavian Time; How connected you are to the madness network. The more you get out of the network, the more the network takes out of you. Narrators may choose to have random effects happen in-game, which tend to hit higher-level Malkavian Time characters harder than those with smaller Malkavian Time as a tradeoff for gaining more visions (and thus more insight, albeit complex insight, into plots past, present and future). This could be for better or worse, however all in all it’s usually an in-time event and will not cause any long lasting effects to your character.

Herd; This background represents how many mortals you have to easily feed upon. Any vampire could potentially hunt and find someone (or something) to feed on, however doing so requires you to roleplay through the method of doing so and could be laced with unexpected events or consequences. By having a Herd to feed from, your character can feed far more easily and your character can gain access to blood from this Herd for other reasons as well. Taking a Herd of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 relates to having 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 members in your herd respectively.

Mortal Double; This background covers having a mortal (human or ghoul) who can impersonate you in day-time dealings. The more points put into this background, the more effective the mortal is at mimicking you and the more willful and resourceful they are in carrying out your bidding in the mortal world. Note that your Mortal Double probably won’t be equally as effective as a plain Retainer of the same level might be, and indeed the Double itself is up to the Narrator’s whims as to how effective it is – based on how many dots you put into the background, of course.

Alternate Identity; This background covers an alias you may hold, be it in another vampiric sect or in the mortal world, and the more points it has the more solidly it stands up to scrutiny — while a 1-dot Alternative Identity is a fake driver’s license acquired from a ‘novelty’ website, a 5-dot Alternate Identity is a whole secondary profile that exists on government databases, has a National Insurance number, a legal passport and all the other gubbins associate with it. Kindred who perform jobs in the mortal world off the books and on a cash-in-hand system may still be able to operate without an alternate identity, but if found out will have to answer to government forces about their illegal work. Kindred who are very recently embraced and still have their old mortal identity from life will be able to maintain it without need for an Alternate Identity, but may have to deal with family and friends that come looking for them once they vanish, or work colleagues wondering how you’ve gone so many years without your appearance changing at all.

Other backgrounds will be considered at Narrator discretion.