Camarilla Lore

Camarilla Lore

ESR 1 and 2 is available to view by all players.  If your character has a higher level please contact the Narrators for further information.

Level 1:

  • You have been told the Camarilla is an institute created to protect all kindred from the threat the Kine present through the institution and enforcement of the Masquerade.  You are familiar with and can recite the 6 traditions.
  • You are aware of the 7 clans that are formally aligned with the Camarilla (Brujah, Ventrue, Malkavian, Tremere, Gangrel, Toreador and Nosferatu).  You know that a Prince rules each Camarilla city.  You know that the Prince’s word is considered law in the city they rule.  In addition, the Prince is, for the most part, the only person that can grant the right of destruction or creation in their city.  In addition, they are the only one that can grant formal recognition and residency in their city.
  • You know the officer posts of a Camarilla domain.  The Prince.  The Seneschal who is the Prince’s right hand and runs the mundane affairs of the city.  The Keeper who is responsible for maintaining the Elysium.  The Harpies who arbitrate and record status and boons.  The sheriff who is responsible for maintaining the laws of the domain and the scourge who is tasked with tracking and killing those that the Prince deems necessary.
  • You know that the Primogen are the clan’s representative in the city and that the Primogen council advises the Prince on matters of state.
  • You are aware of the Justicars which are the public face of Camarilla authority.  There are also the Archons which form the spies, agents and investigators of the Justicar.
  • You know of the Blood Hunt which is a decree that requires all members of a domain to work to bring the Kindred deemed the target of the blood hunt to final death.
  • You know of the traditions of Elysium.  You know that Elysia are considered neutral ground and violence and destruction of art may not take place in these areas.
  • You are aware of a conclave, which is a massive gathering of Kindred in one place that may only be called by a Justicar.
  • You understand the basic idea of the prestation system and what boons are and what they are used for.

Level 2:

  • You have heard of the first Anarch revolt where neonates across Europe rose up and diablerised or killed their elders.
  • You also know of the inquisition where the forces of the Kine led a massive purge of vampire kind.  You are also aware that the Sabbat and Camarilla formed as a result of the Inquisition.
  • You know that the Camarilla is a union of elders and Anarch apologists (eg defended the actions of the Anarchs) and the Anarchs that refused to capitulate to the Convention of Thorns formed the Sabbat.
  • You know that several traditions carry over from a time prior to the Camarilla where domain was a more individual affair.  Thus, they have changed in interpretation over the centuries.
  • You can name the current Justicar of your clan (Jaroslav-Gangrel, Cock Robin-Malkavian, Maris Streck-Nosferatu, Madame Guil- Toreador, Anastaz de Zagreb-Tremere and Lucinde-Ventrue and Jaromil Pashcheck-Brujah.
  • You know an Archon is usually attached to one particular Justicar.  You also know that each Archon carries a seal of a Justicar that is unique to that particular Justicar.  It identifies them as an agent of that Justicar
  • You know how prestation works in practice and have a good idea of what actions merit what boon.
  • You are familiar with the position of Whip.  This is a sort of vice-Primogen that serves in absence of the full Primogen and aids the Primogen in keeping the clan in line.
  • You are aware of the existence of the Red list.  It is a list of kindred, referred to as the Anathema, whom the entire sect wants dead.  They are considered blood hunted in all domains.
  • You are aware that the office of Scourge is relatively new.
  • You have heard of a few of the legends of the Camarilla such as Hardestadt the Ventrue who is credited for coming up with the idea of the Camarilla.  Also Rafael de Corozon who popularised the idea of the Masquerade in its current form.