For a single blood point, you may call a Celerity deadtime equal to your rating in Celerity, +1. For instance, if you have Celerity 2 you may call a deadtime of 3 seconds. This is done by calling “Celerity” followed by how many seconds you may perform within the Celerity call, such as “Celerity 3” if you have Celerity 2. When the Celerity call is made, anyone else who wishes to also join in the deadtime must also call how many seconds they may move within the deadtime. If you do not perceive whoever is activating the Celerity call, you cannot join in with the deadtime as you are not aware that someone else is using the ability. If you do perceive the person who has activated Celerity and wish to join in yourself, you call how many seconds you can move within Celerity, and a countdown then begins from the maximum number of six seconds. When the countdown reaches how many seconds you yourself can act you may move and act within the Celerity deadtime, and may continue to move and act until you interact with something that is not on your person (Pick up a weapon from a table, fall over a chair, open a door, being in contact with another character, fire a gun) or until the countdown runs out at which time “Ends” is called to indicate the deadtime has ended for everyone. Note that if you are in contact with another character, you may not activate celerity unless you take that other character along with you, which can generally only be done if the other character is unconscious or in torpor. If you do not have Celerity, or are not partaking in the deadtime, you must not move or interact during the deadtime but may keep your eyes open and perceive everything that just happened as having happened in the blink of an eye. If you are within celerity and intend to attack someone else who is also in celerity, the two of you trade blows until someone takes damage (dodging an attack will maintain the deadtime). If you wish to dodge an attack that does not hit you from within celerity, you must dodge first, and -then- may activate your celerity. No special calls (except dodge) may be used during Celerity Deadtime. Physically connecting with someone removes both you and them from the countdown, and neither of you may move until the countdown ends.

Tl;DR, for 1 blood point you may take part in a Celerity deadtime. The countdown begins at 6, and finishes with a call of “Ends”. You may move and act within the deadtime once your number of seconds has been reached, for instance with Celerity 2 you may take part once the countdown reaches 3.