Character Creation

Your character is who you play at and between games when interacting with the game world.  We have provided a quick reference guide here to help you create a basic character.  A more in depth guide is available in our rulebook.

Quick guide to character creation

Note, Narrators may choose to veto or suggest alternatives to anything you choose for your character as they may be better suited or otherwise not work in the game for one reason or another —

 Pick a clan, a character name, and a loose idea of what you want the character to be able to do as well as their personality and traits.

Spend your initial creation points;

You get one point in each stat (Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Perception and Willpower) for free, plus another five points to spread between the stats as you see fit.

You get one point in three Lores (Species [ie. Kindred] lore, Sect [ie. Camarilla] lore and [Your Clan] lore) for free and a further 10 points to spend on skills as you see fit. These should loosely coincide with your character’s theme, an Engineer would probably have two or three points in a type of Engineering for instance.

As a Vampire or Ghoul, you get three points to spread between Disciplines. These are decided by your clan, or by your domitor if you are a ghoul. Caitiff vampires pick two discplines (not Protean or Thaumaturgy) as their ‘in-clan’ disciplines.

You get five points to spend on Backgrounds. These include Resources, Ties, et cetera.

Finally, you get 10 initial Freebie Points to spend on your sheet as you see fit. Stats cost 2 freebie points per dot, Skills and Backgrounds cost 1 freebie point per dot, and in-clan Disciplines cost 3 freebie points per dot [Out of clan Disciplines cost 5 freebie points per dot and require a good reason why your character has them – This includes Caitiff characters taking Disciplines outside of their two selected ‘in-clan’ disciplines].

Additionally, Merits may be taken for the appropriate Freebie point cost, and Flaws will grant your character more Freebie points to spend elsewhere (up to a maximum of 7 extra freebies. Further flaws may be taken, but will award no extra freebie points)

At this point, write up and hand in a written Character History to the Narrator gmail account along with your initial Character sheet created above. The Narrators will discuss your character with you, along with your written history, and will award you a Generation (if your character is a vampire) along with some bonus Freebie Points to spend on the sheet.

Brujah, loud passionate anarchists. Flaw; Get heated and passionate over topics, making them prone to frenzies. Disciplines; Potence, Presence, Celerity.

Gangrel, beastial wild people. Flaw; Upon frenzying, has a chance to gain a permanent physical or mental animal trait, at creation must pick one physical and one mental trait to begin with. Disciplines; Protean, Fortitude, Animalism

Malkavian, prophets and seers plagued by severe insanities. Flaw; Must take a mental illness, which has manifest to a horrific degree in them. However, they also gain visions of the past, present and future each month. Disciplines; Dominate, Auspex, Obfuscate

Nosferatu, horrifically deformed and ugly creatures who are masters of information gathering. Flaw; Must disguise themselves at all times to preserve the masquerade, as otherwise they are walking abominations. However, they also have access to an underground network of information and whispers. Disciplines; Obfuscate, Animalism, Potence

Toreador, artists and performers with a love of all things beautiful. Flaw; Any piece of artwork or natural beauty catches your eye, but if it’s related to a specific topic (of your choice) then you become completely enraptured and cannot react to the world around you. Disciplines; Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Tremere, a close-knit and cult-esque clan who possess incredible magic, but must absolutely adhere to the elders within their clan over all else. Flaw; Fanatically loyal to clan elders and their whims, highly susceptible to Dominate calls from higher-ranked clan members, are more easily Blood Bonded and cannot take the Unbondable merit. Disciplines; Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Dominate

Ventrue, the clan of politics and leadership, tend to have holds in various mortal companies and great wealth. Flaw; May only feed on one very specific group of mortals, such as “Only single women under 40” or “Italian bodybuilders over 6ft tall”. Disciplines; Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Caitiff, the “clanless” vampires, suffer no clan flaw per sé but tend to be reviled and hated by vampire society. Flaw; Despised and vilified by other Kindred. Disciplines; Caitiff have no set disciplines, however they may choose any two disciplines (not Thaumaturgy or Protean) at character creation which will be treated as if they were in-clan. Any other disciplines learned or advanced cost a slightly reduced amount compared to other clans learning out-of-clan disciplines.