Character Creation

Your character is who you play at and between games when interacting with the game world.  We have provided a quick reference guide here to help you create a basic character.  A more in depth guide is available in our rulebook.

Quick guide to character creation

Note, Narrators may choose to veto or suggest alternatives to anything you choose for your character as they may be better suited or otherwise not work in the game for one reason or another

– Pick a clan, a character name, and a loose idea of what you want the character to be able to do as well as their personality and traits.

– Spend your initial creation points

You get one point in each stat (Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Perception and Willpower) for free, plus another five points to spread between the stats as you see fit.

You get one point in three Lores (Species [ie. Kindred] lore, Sect [ie. Camarilla] lore and [Your Clan] lore) for free and a further 10 points to spend on skills as you see fit. These should loosely coincide with your character’s theme; an Engineer would probably have two or three points in a type of Engineering for instance.

As a Vampire or Ghoul, you get three points to spread between Disciplines. These are decided by your clan, or by your domitor if you are a ghoul. Caitiff vampires pick two discplines (not Protean or Thaumaturgy) as their ‘in-clan’ disciplines.

You get five points to spend on Backgrounds. These include Resources, Ties, et cetera.

Finally, you get 10 initial Freebie Points to spend on your sheet as you see fit. Stats cost 2 freebie points per dot, Skills and Backgrounds cost 1 freebie point per dot, and in-clan Disciplines cost 3 freebie points per dot [Out of clan Disciplines cost 5 freebie points per dot and require a good reason why your character has them – This includes Caitiff characters taking Disciplines outside of their two selected ‘in-clan’ disciplines].

Additionally, Merits may be taken for the appropriate Freebie point cost, and Flaws will grant your character more Freebie points to spend elsewhere (up to a maximum of 7 extra freebies. Further flaws may be taken, but will award no extra freebie points)

– At this point, write up and hand in a written Character History to the Narrator gmail account [ ] along with your initial Character sheet created above. The Narrators will discuss your character with you, along with your written history, and will award you a Generation (if your character is a vampire) along with some bonus Freebie Points to spend on the sheet.


Brujah, loud passionate anarchists. Flaw; Get heated and passionate over specific topics, making them prone to frenzies. Disciplines; Potence, Presence, Celerity.

Gangrel, beastial wild people. Flaw; Upon frenzying, has a chance to gain a permanent physical or mental animal trait, at creation must pick one physical and one mental trait to begin with. Disciplines; Protean, Fortitude, Animalism

Malkavian, prophets and seers plagued by severe insanities. Flaw; Must take a mental illness, which has manifest to a horrific degree in them. However, they also gain visions of the past, present and future each month. Disciplines; Dominate, Auspex, Obfuscate

Nosferatu, horrifically deformed and ugly creatures who are masters of information gathering. Flaw; Must disguise themselves at all times to preserve the masquerade, as otherwise they are walking abominations. However, they also have access to an underground network of information and whispers. Disciplines; Obfuscate, Animalism, Potence

Toreador, artists and performers with a love of all things beautiful. Flaw; Any piece of artwork or natural beauty catches your eye, but if it’s related to a specific topic (of your choice) then you become completely enraptured and cannot react to the world around you. Disciplines; Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Tremere, a close-knit and cult-esque clan who possess incredible magic, but must absolutely adhere to the elders within their clan over all else. Flaw; Fanatically loyal to clan elders and their whims, highly susceptible to Dominate calls from higher-ranked clan members, are more easily Blood Bonded and cannot take the Unbondable merit. Disciplines; Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Dominate

Ventrue, the clan of politics and leadership, tend to have holds in various mortal companies and great wealth. Flaw; May only feed on one very specific group of mortals, such as “Only single women under 40” or “Italian bodybuilders over 6ft tall”. Disciplines; Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Caitiff, the “clanless” vampires, suffer no clan flaw per sé but tend to be reviled and hated by vampire society. Flaw; Despised and vilified by other Kindred. Disciplines; Caitiff have no set disciplines, however they may choose any two disciplines (not Thaumaturgy or Protean) at character creation which will be treated as if they were in-clan. Any other disciplines learned or advanced cost a slightly reduced amount compared to other clans learning out-of-clan disciplines.


Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Perception and Willpower.

1 in a stat is below human average, ie. someone who struggles under the weight of their own body or a clutz who’s constantly tripping over things.

2 in a stat is human average.

3 in a stat is above average, someone who notices everything or who is particularly intelligent.

4 in a stat is reaching the peak of human capability, a member of MENSA or a circus strongman.

5 in a stat is supernatural levels, able to carry a car over their head, better eyesight than a bird of prey.


Who you know, what you have at your disposal, any servants or minions.

  •   Resources is your monetary wealth and what you have available to spend in a month.
  •  Ties (group) are who you know in various businesses, clans, sects, or in the media or military.
  •  Retainers are your servants or minions, from a personal aide to a ghouled pet.
  • Nosferatu Secrets/Malkavian Time; Clan-specific, these backgrounds dictate how much information you can get out of your relevant clan-specific background, as well as how much information a Nosferatu must feed back in to maintain their level, or how heavily a Malkavian is affected by the madness network.
  • Herd is how many mortals you have available to easily feed upon.
  • Alternate Identity is how well your alter-ego holds up to scrutiny.


Skills work by taking your skill level, adding it to the relevant stat’s level, and then halfing the final number to get your Effective Skill Rating (ESR). If the final number is not a whole number (ie. it has a .5) then you round up if the Skill is higher than the Stat, or round down if the Stat is higher than the Skill.

Strength skills; Brawl and Melee.

Dexterity skills; Dodge, Drive, Free-running, Martial Arts Attack, Martial Arts Defense, Sleight of Hand, Swimming,

Intellect skills; Computer Use, Craft, Forensics, Forgery, Interrogation, Medicine, Research, Security, Streetwise, Survival, Mundane Lore, Hidden Lore, Divining, Animal Ken, Occult

Perception skills; Appraise, Artistic Expression, Disguise, Hide, Search, Marksmanship

Linguistics and Firearms are also skills, however these work slightly differently. Rather than having an ESR, you instead choose a language to learn or a classification of Firearms to become proficient with for a flat cost of 1 freebie point or 2xp.

Ambidexterity 1pt,  Baby Face 1pt,  Blasé (Toreador only) 1pt,  Boon 1-5pts,  Calm heart (cannot be taken with Uncontrollable Anger) 4pts,  Concentration 1pt,  Controllable Thirst 1pt,  Deceptive Aura 1pt,  Eat 1pt,  Endurance 2/4pts,  Foul Blood (Nosferatu only) 3pts,  Greater Colours (Toreador only) 2pts,  Hidden Diablerie 5pts,  Immaculate Aura (Malkavian only) 1pt,  Inoffensive to Animals 1pt,  Iron Will 2pts,  Light Sleeper 2pts,  Medium 5pts,  Misplaced Heart 5pts, Mortal Double 3pts, Open Road 2pts,  Paragon 5pts,  Sleep Unseen (Nosferatu only) 2pts, Soothsayer 2pts,  Sympathetic Bond (cannot be taken by Tremere) 5pts, Unbondable 5pts.

Allergy 3pts,  Amnesia 3pts,  Anachronism 3pts,  Blind 5pts,  Blind-in-one-eye 3pts, Hunted 5pts,  Blood Bound 3pts,  Clan Enmity 1-4pts,  Contagious 1-5pts,  Dark Secret 1-5pts,  Deaf 4pts,  Deep Sleeper 2pts,  Deformity 1-4pts,  Derangement 1-3pts,  Dulled Bite 3pts,  Enemy 1-5pts,  Fledgeling (Vampire only) 1pts,  Guilt-wracked (Vampire only, humanity 6 or higher) 4pts,  Hatred 1-3pts,  Haunted 2-5pts,  Hollywooditis (Vampire only) 4pts,  Illiterate 1pt,  Infectious (Malkavian only) 3pts,  Loathsome Regnant 5pts,  Mute 4pts,  Nightmares (Vampire only) 2pts,  Clan-flaw Caitiff (Caitiff only) 2pts,  Orphan (Vampire only) 1pts,  Permanent Fangs (Vampire only) 2pts,  Phobia 1-3pts,  Possessed 5pts,  Prey Exclusion 1pts,  Recruitment Target 2-5pts,  Stench (Nosferatu only) 2pts,  Taint of Corruption (Vampire only) 1-2pts,  Thaumaturgically Inept (Tremere only) 3pts,  Uncontrollable Anger (Cannot be taken with Calm Heart) 4pts,  Weak Bodied 2-4pts


1. “Song of the beast” speak with animals, spend a blood point to gain their unwavering attention.. Cost; 0-1 blood
2. “Sharing of Spirits” Possess an animal’s body, costs more to make the animal go against its nature. Cost; 3 to activate, 1 to force animal to do an action Cost.
3. “Reveal the Apex Predator” calm a raging animal, mortal or vampire, costs more blood to bring a vampire out of frenzy. Cost 1-2 blood
4. “Call the Pack” Allows the user to inflict Phys damage and stun on a target they can see.  Cannot be used on those with Majesty active.  Cost 2 Blood Points.
5. “The Roving Beast” Throw your frenzying beast into another vampire or a mortal. Cost; 2 blood.

May be used to try and oppose Obfuscate. Auspex is the winner in this situation.
1. “Heightened Senses” Pump up all senses by 2 while concentrating. Cost; 0
2. “Aura Perception” Focus on a target for 10 seconds, learn that target’s current emotion as well as how dead they appear (can tell if they are a ghoul, vampire or mortal). Cost; 0
3. “Spirit’s Touch” Touching an object gives you a vision of the last significant event that object experienced. Cost; 2.  Cumulative blood cost to ask questions about the vision starting at 1, then 2, then 4 etc
4. “Telepathy” Ask a simple yes/no question which must be answered truthfully, or ask a question with a short sentence as answer for more blood. Cost; 1 or 3
5. “Astral Projection” Travel around a location as an invisible apparition. Can manifest as a ghostly image and speak aloud.  May be seen by those with Auspex 3 or above. Cost; 3 to activate, 1 to appear

For a single point of blood, you may enter into a Celerity deadtime. This grants you a window where you can move but nobody else can, to represent your character moving at lightning-fast speeds. You may remain in a Celerity deadtime for a number of seconds equal to 1 +  your celerity rating (1 to 5). This is done by calling “Celerity!” and then counting down from 6 (the maximum a Celerity call can be) down to 0, at which point Celerity ends. Once the countdown is equal to how many seconds you can act for, you can start moving. If someone else calls Celerity, and you can see them when they do so, you may take part by also calling Celerity and spending a blood point as normal.

TL;DR, spend a point of blood, call Celerity, count down from 6 to 0, when the number reaches (your Celerity + 1) you may act normally.

When attempting to Dominate someone, you call “Dominate” followed by your dominate level (not the power you’re using, but your actual Dominate level). Someone attempting to resist the Dominate must either have Willpower of equal or higher than the Dominate level called, or a better (ie. lower) generation. Additionally, you must have direct eye-contact with your target when you make the call.

1: “Cloud Memory” Allows you to remove the memory of the target from 10 minutes before and after the command is given.  Cost 1 Blood Point
2.“Mesmerise” One-sentence command, lasts a minute, may continue after the minute is up of the action the target is doing isn’t weird. Cost; 1
3.”The Forgetful Mind” Allows you to remove a sizeable memory from up to a week ago from the target. Cost 2 for a memory from that day, 4 for a memory from up to a week prior.
4. “Conditioning” Hold a conversation with your target for 10 minutes, then call Conditioning on them. Target must obey your commands for the evening, lasting until Sunrise or the target leaves your vicinity. Cost; 3
5. “Terminal Command” Used in addition with other dominate powers.  Allows the user to make commands that will harm the target or go against their morals.  Cost 1 Blood point in addition to the cost of the power or 1 Blood Point to a target who has been conditioned.

Reduce the damage you take from each attack by your Fortitude level. If the damage you take (as a Vampire) is Aggravated, reduce the damage by half of your Fortitude level (rounded up, so Fortitude 1 or 2 reduces Aggravated damage by 1, Fort 3 or 4 reduces Agg by 2, and Fort 5 reduces Agg by 3). Since Ghouls or Mortals suffer Aggravated damage as if it were only Physical, reduce it by your full Fortitude level as normal. This also lets Vampires heal Agg damage and regrow limbs faster.

The ability to turn invisible or otherwise trick the mind into not noticing you. Place a finger in the air to represent being physically present but unseeable. Countered by someone using Auspex, where Auspex takes precedence in a tie. Tripping up, interacting with something while being observed or pulling a weapon will break your Obfuscate, as will making noticeable noise.

1. “Mask of a Thousand Faces” Become unrecognisable, simulated by wearing a clear face mask. Lasts 1 hour. Cost; 1
2. “Cloak of shadows” Allows you to be effectively hidden, so long as you have broken line of sight to you before using it. Cost; 0
3. “Vanish” 10-second stealth, may walk at most. Cost; 1
4. “Cloak the Gathering” Indefinite stealth, unless broken or dropped.  May be applied to up to two others you are in contact with Cost; 1 + 1 per additional person applied to
5. “Ghost in the Machine”.  Used in conjunction with other obfuscate powers.  Allows no records to be made on electronic surveillance and cameras of those affected by user’s obfuscate.  Cost: 1 plus the cost of the power being used

Supernatural strength, for 1 blood may either add your Potence rating to a Brawl or Melee damage call, or may add Potence to your Strength stat for a single action. Additionally, may perform a Potence Leap for 1 blood, leaping (Potence rating * 10) foot into the air.

1. “Awe” People pay attention to you. Cost; 0
2. “Dread Gaze” Requires eye contact. May call Dread Gaze Fear or Dread Gaze Advanced Fear assuming sufficient roleplay, Fear requires you to be threatening, Advanced Fear requires you to be supernaturally threatening (fangs, claws, shrugging off a bullet wound). Cost; 1
3. “Entrancement” Your target becomes enthralled by you and wants to do things to make or keep you happy. Target still retains their free will, and OOC boundaries exist. Lasts 10mins or more if well roleplayed. Cost; 1. Only one person at a time.
4. “Summon” Call someone to you, cost depends on how well you know the person. Cost; 1-3 depending on if you know the person well or have only met in passing.
5. “Majesty” Everyone in the room pays attention to you and will not actively speak or act against you, even if they disagree with you or what you’re doing. Will drop if you stop acting suitably, eg. get hit by a custard pie. Cost; 3 for the first minute, 1 per minute after it’s been activated.

1. “Gleam of Red Eyes” See in the dark. Cost; 0
2. “Wolf claws” Your fingertips turn into claws that allow you to call Aggravated damage with your Brawl or Martial Arts; Attack ESR. Cost; 1 to pop, 1 to retract
3. “Earth Meld” Sink into a patch of natural earth large enough to house you. Immune to anything assuming the earth you’re in isn’t disturbed. Cost; 2
4. “Shadow of the Beast” Transform into a ‘Travel’ or ‘Ground’ form (typically a bat or a wolf). Animal forms have their own separate stats and abilities. Cost; 2 to change, 1 to return
5. “Mist” Turn into a cloud of mist that may move in any direction at a walking pace. Cost; 3

Thaumaturgy is a large and complex discipline that has many paths and many additional rituals that can be learned alongside it. These are covered in a separate rulebook, and are an essential learning point for players with a Tremere character. No TL;DR could cover it.

Mortals, Ghouls and Vampires Health levels:

Mortals have a base of 7 Subdual health and 7 Physical health, before merits/flaws. Upon losing all levels of their Subdual health, they are Knocked Out for a minute. Any further Subdual damage they take removes from their Physical health levels. Upon losing all of their Physical health levels, a Mortal is dead.

Mortals who suffer at least one point of Physical damage begin to suffer from Bleed Out. Bleed Out causes a mortal to lose one level of Physical health for every 60 seconds they have not been tended to (by a character with appropriate skill). Mortals can heal 1 point of Subdual damage per day, and one point of Physical damage every week.

Ghouls (mortals who have been fed at least a full Point of vampire blood) have a base health of 7, and gain 1 extra health for each point of Vampire blood they can store (between 1 and 3). Ghouls are not Knocked Out from losing their Subdual health, but are instead Stunned for 10 seconds. Ghouls who lose all their Physical health are dead. Ghouls can heal the same way Mortals can, but may also heal by spending blood explained below.

Vampires have a base health of 10 subdual and 10 physical. A vampire who loses all their Physical health is Torpored, and if they suffer any Aggravated damage once in this state, they suffer Final Death. If a Vampire loses their head or has their heart destroyed in any way, they also suffer Final Death.

Ghouls and Vampires may heal damage by spending blood, 1 point of blood will heal either all levels of Subdual health or a single level of Physical health. Vampires who have suffered Aggravated damage must spend 5 points of blood over 3 nights to heal a single point of Aggravated damage — if the Vampire has Fortitude, the time limit is decreased.


XP is handed out once per monthly Court game as well as earned by taking on an NPC role requested by the Narrators or being nominated for good Roleplay.

XP spends:

Some skills or out-of-clan disciplines will require a teacher to advance.  This is decided at the Narrator’s discretion

Stats; (Current level x 4)xp
Skills; (Current level x 2)xp, or 3 xp to learn a new Skill
Disciplines [In-clan]; (Current level x 3)xp, or 5xp to learn the first dot.
Disciplines [Out-of-clan]; (Current level x 5)xp, or 7xp to learn the first dot.
Disciplines [Out-of-clan as a Caitiff]; (Current level x 4)xp, or 6xp to learn the first dot.
Backgrounds: Mostly increased with sufficient roleplay and Downtimes.