Dexterity Skills

Archery; Using a bow and LARP-safe arrows, you may strike a target and call your ESR in physical damage. At Skill of at least 4 and Dexterity of at least 4, and with appropriate arrows (obtained in-time, OOC they must still be LARP-safe arrows) you may attempt to stake someone with your damage call. Bows are not suitable for use within buildings, and as such no bows or arrows should be brought to any indoor time-ins. LARP Bows are classified as being no larger than 30iLB at 28” draw.

Dodge; The act of evading attacks, generally used against bullets, arrows or melee attacks. Your ESR dictates both how much effort must be put in for the Dodge (Dodge 1 means you have to bodily throw yourself out of the way for the dodge to count, while Dodge 5 would allow you to merely sidestep the attack) as well as how many times you can call Dodge within a single combat phase (phase lasts until you are completely out of harm’s way [or the combat has died down] and have had at least ten seconds to gather yourself).
You may not, under normal circumstances, call Dodge to evade an attack you do not see coming (such as an attack coming from behind you), however Dodge may be combined with a Perception of 5 or higher to call a Perception Dodge in place of a standard Dodge call – Perception 5 allows you to dodge melee attacks you do not see coming, Perception 6 allows you to dodge gunshots you do not see coming, and Perception 7 allows you to dodge explosions, silenced gunshots you don’t see coming, and certain supernatural attacks that may be used such as lightning strikes. If you do not have a Perception high enough, you cannot dodge an attack that you do not see coming.

Drive; Your ability to pilot ground vehicles, be they motorbikes, cars or otherwise (one skill covers all). This skill specifically covers doing anything fancy with a vehicle, from ESR 1 being the ability to drive outside of 30MPH city driving, ESR 2 being competent enough to navigate a motorway at high speeds, and ESR 3 getting into stunt-driver territory.

Free-climbing; The ability to scale walls and surfaces without the use of equipment. You may clamber up to 10ft multiplied by your ESR in feet. This skill will mostly be useful for downtime, as there tends to be little opportunity to scale walls during

Larceny; The ability to escape from bindings and pick locks, note that certain tools may still be required to escape certain bindings or pick certain locks. The higher your Larceny ESR, the stronger bindings you can escape from and the tougher locks you can pick.

Martial Arts: Attack; The ability to cause subdual damage based on your ESR. May also be used with Protean 2 to cause Aggravated damage instead.

Martial Arts: Defense; The ability to prevent an incoming melee attack, up to and including your ESR. You may prevent any incoming attack from fists, claws or melee weapons of any size, assuming the overall damage called is not higher than your Martial Arts; Defense ESR. To perform this skill, you tap the opponent’s hands or weapon with your (empty) hands and call “MAD X Block” where X is your ESR.

Pickpocket; Approach your target that you wish to pickpocket, and then OOC (hands in a T formation), call your Pickpocket ESR. If they do not have Perception higher than your Pickpocket you ask them what is contained on their person and take (or plant) up to your ESR in items (ESR 3 means you can take/plant three total items), and once you have taken/planted up to your ESR in items on one target you may not pickpocket them again within the same evening. The Perception of anyone focusing on your target may also beat your Pickpocket, but they don’t have to react. Items must not be held in place (by a clasp for instance) and may not be over a foot in length. Note; Your target simply tells you whether the attempt succeeds or not, and if the attempt fails, they will catch you and react appropriately. You may also use this ability to move items around your person without being caught, however note that you cannot use the Hide skill to conceal any items you’re moving around your person with Pickpocket. Finally, Pickpocket will not let you take any items that your target has concealed on themselves using the Hide skill.

You may not hardskill pickpocket (ie. actually OOC pickpocket) anything from someone as this is OOC theft. This is not something Embraced condones in any way. You may only pickpocket something using the pickpocket skill.

Swimming; Your ESR determines how good of a swimmer you are, either in plain water or in alternate environments like sewers or oil. Also dictates how well you can navigate while swimming in adverse weather conditions.

Thrown Weapon; Throw a weapon, of less than 12” and coreless, at your target to cause your ESR in damage. If the weapon is subdual, it deals +1 damage. If the weapon is physical, it deals flat ESR damage. You cannot call stake by throwing it at someone. The vis-rep weapon MUST be coreless and easily squishy/flexible.

Wrestling; Call your ESR as a pin to hold your target in place, unable to use their limbs. This requires you to use both of your hands (which must be empty), which you place on your target’s shoulders and call “Pin X” where X is your ESR. To break free or evade a pin call, your target must have a better Wrestling ESR, or strength 2 higher than your Pin ESR, or dodge the call when it is first made. At ESR 4 you may call damage to the target once you have held the pin for at least 10 seconds, at which point you may call Sub 2 to them every two seconds assuming the pin is maintained. A “pin” call may also be made using half of your Strength stat, but you cannot use this to cause damage via the pin.