This is the power to control minds, and is generally used to heavily influence the mortal world as well as making for easier feeding opportunities. The power can also be used on other creatures, typically other vampires, but proves more tricky as other Vampires are naturally more resistant to the Dominate power and it comes down to a battle of wills or generation.

All Dominate powers are called at your maximum Dominate level, regardless of which power you are actually using. Dominate is either resisted by having either a better (lower) generation than the person using Dominate, or by having a Willpower higher than the level Dominate is called at. If you wish to resist Dominate using your Generation, you must call your Generation Out Of Character and the Dominator will say if you are still affected or not. Willpower does not need to be called, you will know yourself if you can resist with your Willpower or not depending on if it is higher than the level the Dominate call was made at. (Mortals are completely defenseless against any level of Dominate, unless they take the Iron Will merit)

All Dominate powers require clear eye contact with your target, fully see-through obstructions (glasses, a window) do not prevent this power, however sunglasses or a veil will. The Dominate command must be understandable by the target, speaking in a language they do not understand or saying a word they do not understand will cause the Dominate effect to fail.

Note; If the Dominate effect fails for whatever reason, you still lose the blood that you would have spent on the ability.

Additionally, please respect people’s Out Of Character boundaries and borders when using this ability to make someone else perform an action.

1. “Command”, you can issue a one-word command that your target is compelled to obey immediately. The target must obey the command for a minimum of 10 seconds, and will continue to obey the command for longer assuming it is not against their nature or the situation to do so. For instance, calling “Sleep” during intense combat, a target will most likely not stay asleep for longer than ten seconds, however calling “Silence” while in a public library the target will probably obey until they are no longer in the library. Costs no blood to use.

Unless you are very careful about how you use the power, your target will most likely be aware that you used it on them assuming they have a decent Kindred Lore or also possess this power. If not, they will still probably be suspicious (calling ‘Sleep’ at someone in the middle of court is an odd thing to do, especially if the target proceeds to fall asleep). If the command is worked into a sentence and the action following it is not too odd (asking someone to be quiet at a library) then it’s likely your target will never know they had Dominate used on them.

2. “Mesmerise”, as per Command, however the command may be a short sentence. The command is carried out for a minimum of a minute rather than ten seconds, and the Mesmerise effect does not have to be carried out immediately and may instead be implanted in the target’s mind to carry out at a later time (“When you next see that person, call me and tell me where they are”). The one-minute duration does not begin until the trigger situation occurs, ie. the moment your target sees the person in question, the mesmerise triggers, and for the next minute they are compelled to obey the command you gave them (ie. calling you and telling you where they are). Costs 1 blood per Mesmerise use.

3. “Forgetful Mind”, your target forgets a specific event from the last evening or within the past week, instead having a foggy patch in their memory where the event used to be. For instance making your target forget the conversation the two of you just had, or making an onlooker forget the fight they just witnessed between two Kindred. Costs 2 blood for removing a memory from earlier that evening, or 4 blood for a memory from the past week. Memories from longer than a week ago are too firmly implanted in the mind of the target and cannot be wiped.

4. “Conditioning”, having held a conversation with your target for the past ten minutes or so, you may call ‘Conditioning’ on them, subject to all the normal rules of Dominate. Your Conditioned target will follow any commands you give them, even if they are outwith their nature or the action would directly endanger them. This power lasts until Sunrise, when you as the Dominator fall asleep, or until you are no longer in the vicinity of your target (ie. the same room). Costs 3 blood to activate.

5. “Possession”, this power extends your Conditioning ability to also work even if the target is not in your vicinity. If your target is Kindred, or if your target has the Iron Will merit (regardless of being Kindred or not), your Conditioning effect on them will still fade from them at Sunrise when you are forced into Torpor. (If you are not Kindred but can somehow use this power, or if you attempt to fight the Torpor effect that happens during sunrise, consult a Narrator upon using this power to see how exactly it works when you attempt to use it.)

This power also allows you to completely take over a Mortal affected by your Conditioning, using their body as a cadaver which your consciousness may ride and use at will – until sunrise forces you into daytime torpor and the power stops until you can wake up again. Additionally, if the vessel you are possessing witnesses sunlight, your beast will force you back into your own body in fear. While Possessing the mortal body, your own body falls into Torpor and is still vulnerable to other methods of Torpor (being staked will stop you being able to use powers) and Final Death as always, however any damage to the Mortal body does not affect your mind and you may return to your own body instantly and at will. When your Possession of the Mortal ends, they regain their consciousness and normal mental function, however they have no recollection of the time they spent Possessed. At any time in the future, you may re-possess the Mortal in question without having to use Conditioning on them again, even if they are nowhere near you. You have no knowledge about the Mortal until you re-possess them, including not knowing their situation or location. A dead mortal cannot be possessed. The initial Conditioning call requires a spend of 3 blood as usual, and then a single point of blood to move your consciousness into the vessel – returning to your own body is free, but taking over the vessel again will cost another point of blood. The blood cost to possess a vessel (that has already been Conditioned) increases if the vessel is far enough away from you, at a range greater than 50 miles away the cost increases by 1 (total of 2 blood per use) for each time you attempt to possess the vessel, if the distance is 500 miles away the cost goes up again (3 blood per use), 5000 miles again increases the cost (4 blood per use), et cetera.