Allergy, 1-3pts, Mortals only. You suffer from an allergy of some kind, how common the source of your allergy is plus how severe the allergy itself is determine how many points this flaw is worth and requires the approval of Narrators.

Amnesia, 1-2pts, Vampire only. You have no memory of your life from before you were embraced, and the Narrators get to not only decide what your character’s mortal life was but also will not tell you in or out of character about it. Things from your past will simply show up in-character to haunt you… Your history of your character since they were embraced is still yours to write up. If your character has been a vampire for less than 25 years, this flaw is worth 2pts. If your vampire has been a vampire for less than 50 years the flaw is worth 1pt. If your character has been a vampire for more than 50 years, you cannot gain points from this flaw.

Anachronism, 3pts, Vampire/Ghoul only. You do not understand nor trust modern technology of any kind and will neither handle it nor be able to learn how to use it. You may have someone use technology on your behalf, in your place, but you yourself will still not go near it.

Blind, 4-6pts, you are either partially or fully blind in both eyes (or have lost both eyes), and any alternate forms you may be able to take also suffer this flaw. Points are decided based on how bad your lack of sight is. For safety reasons, unless you are actually blind yourself, we ask that you do not impair your own sight too heavily (with a blind or similar) that you cannot safely take part in combat or activities.

Blind-in-one-eye, 3pts, you have lost the use of one of your eyes. You are expected to wear an eyepatch or otherwise be unable to use one of your eyes when you have this flaw, and it infers a -2 Perception to any skill or operation that requires both eyes, or the use of your flawed eye.

Blood Hunted, 5pts, you have been blood-hunted by a higher power, and although not everyone may know about it, it is still technically valid in any Camarilla city or indeed outside of Camarilla territory. This must be supported by your ‘character history’, and the Narrators will decide on exactly how severe the blood hunt is.

Bound, 3pts, you are fully blood bound to another vampire. They may not treat you badly, but the knowledge that you are bonded to them gnaws away at you and causes you grief. This is not the same as Loathsome Regnant, where the vampire you are bonded to actively abuses and mistreats you. Under most normal circumstances, you cannot be 3pt bonded to more than one vampire. Note; The kindred you are bound to must be relevant to the game, being bound to your sire who never actually shows up is not sufficient to take this flaw.

Clan Enmity, 1-5pts, a specific clan knows about you and hates you. There could be various reasons behind why the clan dislikes you, and their hatred could be anything from a passing dislike to utterly despising your existence. Points dictate severity, and this should be supported by your ‘character history’. A 1-point enmity simply means members of that clan know not to particularly trust you, while a 5-point enmity means the entire clan is out for you and thinks that final death is too nice as a punishment for you. Note; Characters outwith the clan you have an enmity with may act on the behalf of the clan whose hatred you have incurred. Or they may also vilify you to stay on the good side of the clan whose ire you have earned.

Contagious, 1-5pts, you are infected with a disease. This disease most likely won’t affect you, since being a vampire means you’re dead, but it will spread to any other vampires or mortals whom you either feed from or who consume your blood. Point value determines how severe the thing you’re infected with is.

Dark secret, 1-5pts. You have a dark secret that, if found out, would mean either shame or trouble for your character. Perhaps they steal from charity shops, perhaps they have destroyed Camarilla kindred without a Prince’s permission, perhaps they have sired without permission, perhaps they have sold out clan secrets. Points dictates how bad the secret would be if it was revealed, 1pt being a little dirt someone could dig up about you if they tried such as a public humiliation, while 5pts would be the fact you’re a Sabbat spy while in the ranks of the Camarilla.

Deaf, 4pts, you have no sense of hearing. Being partially deaf or having selective hearing is not covered by this flaw, only total deafness.

Deep sleeper, 2pts, you wake up an hour after “true dark”. This will give you less time each evening to do things in your downtime, and will make attending small time-ins a little tricker as you have less time to get to a location in-character. This flaw will not cause you issues with the main monthly court game.

Deformity, 3pts, one of your limbs is deformed or missing and cannot be used. This flaw also affects any alternate form you may be able to take. Can be on the face, which is much more difficult to hide and may make communication more difficult but still allows you to see, hear and speak.

Derangement, 0-3pts. You suffer from a derangement, with points dictating the severity of the derangement and how badly it affects you. Malkavians must take an effective 3-point derangement as their clan flaw, but it grants them no additional freebie points. Any further derangements a Malkavian takes award points as normal.

Dulled bite, 2pts, you cannot draw blood with your fangs and must resort to alternate means to pierce the skin, most likely leaving physical damage and obvious marks on your target unless you have a sufficient alternate method.

Enemy, 1-5pts, someone hates you and they have the power to do something about it. At 1 point, they might not have very much power, or merely a passing distaste of you. 3pts means they are very dedicated to taking you out and have sufficient power and means in order to ruin your day. 5pts means you have a dedicated and effective hunter on your tail.

Fledgeling, 1pt, you were never taught the basics of the sect you belong to (Camarilla, Anarch or Sabbat) and thus do not gain a free dot in the relevant lore at character creation. (Buying the first dot in a skill costs 3xp, and thus to buy the dot of lore you didn’t gain at creation will cost you 3xp after character creation)

Guilt-wracked, 4pts, requires humanity 6 or higher. You hate feeding and cannot come to terms with the fact you must feed from mortals. Your blood pool is rarely full as a result of this, causing you to sometimes border on a hunger frenzy as well as causing you to feel lethargic and depressed about your unlife. Narrators will decide how much blood you have in your system (generally around 1 to 3 points below full) at the start of each time-in.

Hatred, 1-3pts, a topic or concept riles you up when it is mentioned or observed. Severity is dictated by how many points the hatred is, and each instance of this flaw is a different topic or concept. Examples include ineptitude, laziness, authority, slavery etc. Your willpower will dictate how cool you can play off being upset by the topic being raised, but the level of Hatred dictates how angry you get over it. 1pt will annoy you, 2pts will really get on your nerves to a degree you cannot ignore, and 3pts will cause you to nearly fall into an anger frenzy over the subject.

Haunted, 2-5pts, you are haunted by a ghost or spirit who enjoys toying with you and making your life hell. Points dictates how mischievous the ghost or spirit is. Requires narrator approval.

Hollywooditis, 4pts, a combination of “Repelled by Garlic”, “Repelled by Crosses” and a fear of crossing running water. Cannot be taken along with any of the individual parts of the flaw. When presented with any of the three fears listed above, you will suffer Advanced Fear and possibly even fall into a Fear Frenzy if forced to face them. The effect is purely psychological, if you physically cross running water without being aware of the fact then you will be unaffected, same with being in the presence of garlic or a cross without realising them.

Illiterate, 1pt, you can neither read nor write in any language. Unlike other flaws, this one can be bought off with 2xp to mirror your character learning how to read and write.

Infectious, 3pts, Malkavian only. Your bite causes the target to suffer a temporary, 1pt derangement. This derangement could be anything (decided upon by Narrators) and lasts for a period of time also decided upon by Narrators. Biting the same target again may cause the Derangement to get worse, last longer, or add a new derangement to the mix.

Loathsome regnant, 5pts, you are fully bonded to another vampire who abuses this fact (and you) heavily. Does not stack with Blood Bonded, as you can only be 3-point bonded to one other vampire normally.

Mute, 4pts, requires Narrator discretion (or for you to be Mute yourself) and does not cover partial or selective mutism. You cannot make any sound whatsoever from your throat or mouth, meaning you cannot use Dominate and may have issue when attempting to use Presence or Animalism. Alternate forms that you may be able to take are also affected by this flaw.

Nightmares, 2pts, you suffer from horrendous nightmares that cause you to wake up in a cold sweat of blood. When you wake up during an evening, you lose a second point of blood (which may be re-ingested by licking yourself clean) on top of the usual point spent on waking up, as well as suffering an effective -1 willpower for the first hour of any time-in or activity performed that day.

Clan-flaw Caitiff, 2pts, Caitiff only. You suffer one of the clan flaws, but gain no benefits of that clan. May only be taken once.

Orphan, 1pt, you do not gain a free dot of clan lore at character creation as you were abandoned by your sire. (The first dot in any skill costs you 3xp to learn, and thus to buy the dot of clan lore you didn’t gain at creation will cost you 3xp after character creation)

Permanent fangs, 2pts, your fangs do not retract and are a potential masquerade breach if observed. Although some people will not notice and others will simply think you’re weird, eventually someone with a little too much knowledge will notice and things could turn out badly. Nosferatu may not take this flaw as they are already walking masquerade breaches.

Phobia, 1-3pts. You have a phobia of something, from spiders to open water, and being faced with it causes you to react negatively. Points, 1-3, decide whether you will suffer from Fear, Advanced Fear or Terror when faced with the subject of your phobia. Fear means you will not approach the subject of your phobia, Advanced Fear means you will actively back away from the subject, and Terror means you will turn and flee from it. Fear Frenzies are very likely to be triggered from phobias.

Possessed, 5pts, requires Narrator approval. You’re possessed by a ghost or spirit with the power to control you. Sometimes speaks with your mouth, sometimes takes over you completely, always takes great pleasure in the fact it can control you in this way. Requires a Willpower of 3 or less.

Prey Exclusion, 1pt, you will not feed on a certain group of people (or animals) and cannot even bring yourself to bite them. With willpower 4 or 5 you may be able to consume blood from people within your prey exclusion, but you will vomit the blood back up a little later and gain no sustenance from it while it is in your system.

Recruitment Target, 2-5pts, a group of people are looking to recruit you, and they will use any means necessary to get you. Points dictate how powerful and how desperate the group are to get you, and thus how often they will interfere and cause problems in your daily unlife. 2pts is a passing interest while 5pts is a near-daily encounter where they -will- get you, like it or not, and have a habit of showing up at the worst possible times.

Repelled by Crosses, 2pts, seeing any form of cross or crucifix will cause you Advanced Terror. This is listed separate from a Phobia since it has an innate connection to the fact you’re a vampire, and thus has potential to be a masquerade breach. The effect is purely psychological.

Repelled by Garlic, 1pt, the sight or scent of Garlic triggers an Advanced Fear in you. Same as Repelled by Crosses, this flaw has a connection to the fact you’re a vampire and could cause issues as such. The effect is also purely psychological.

Stench, 2pts, Nosferatu only, you stink to high heaven and everyone notices it. You can be tracked by anyone with Perception 4 or higher, you suffer a -1 to your Hide ESR, and although it will not break your Obfuscate people will still smell your stench and may be able to conclude that you are nearby as a result of it.

Taint of Corruption, 1-2pts, your vampiric nature manifests in an aura around you. At 1 point, any plant life becomes sickened and withered in your presence, immediately dying and decaying if you touch them. At 2 points, you also cause any person who comes into physical contact with you to feel as if their skin is crawling.

Thaumaturgically Inept, 3pts, Tremere only. You may not start the game with Thaumaturgy paths any higher than 1, and their cost for both freebie points and experience are as if Thaumaturgy were an out-of-clan discipline for you. You also may not purchase any additional rituals at character creation, however afterwards you may purchase rituals as normal and progress in Thaumaturgy paths at the out-of-clan costs.

Uncontrollable Anger, 2pts, you are far more likely to get heated if you disagree with something or are upset at a situation, and will very likely fall into an Anger Frenzy over even the smallest of things. Your aura reflects the fact that you are constantly angry as well. Cannot be taken with Calm Heart.

Weak bodied, 2-4pts, you have one or two less levels of both subdual and physical health for the 2 or 4 points awarded for this flaw.