Any damage you take (Physical or Subdual) is reduced by your Fortitude level, and any Aggravated damage you take is reduced by half your Fortitude level rounded up (That is to say, Fortitude 1/2/3/4/5 reduces Aggravated damage you take by 1/1/2/2/3). This ability costs no blood to use, and is always active. You must still react to any attacks made against you as if they were at their full call, however they do not remove the same number of health levels they normally would. This also means that you only suffer from the unique Aggravated damage mechanic (fully explained on page <55>) according to the damage you actually sustain, rather than the damage call of the initial attack.

You may also heal Aggravated damage at a faster pace compared to normal. Aggravated damage normally requires a full three days to heal a single point, however with Fortitude 1-3 this is reduced to two days, and with fortitude 4-5 you may heal a single point of Aggravated damage every day. Healing a single point of Aggravated damage still costs the full five points of blood, regardless of your Fortitude level.

If you can fully soak -all- of the damage caused by a special call, you may ignore the effects of that special call. This applies to Stun, Dismember, Decapitate and Stake.