How to…basic guide

Your character is who you play at and between games when interacting with the game world.  We have provided a quick reference guide here to help you create a basic character.  A more in depth guide is available in our rulebook.

Quick guide to the Clans

Each Clan in Embraced has their own strengths and challenges to them as well as a colourful history of those that have come before. Some clans might suite a character concept better than others but all have a place in Embraced. Will you follow the stereotype or try to bring something a little different to the clan?


Brujah, loud passionate anarchists. Flaw; Get heated and passionate over specific topics, making them prone to frenzies. Disciplines; Potence, Presence, Celerity.

Gangrel, beastial wild people. Flaw; Upon frenzying, has a chance to gain a permanent physical or mental animal trait, at creation must pick one physical and one mental trait to begin with. Disciplines; Protean, Fortitude, Animalism

Malkavian, prophets and seers plagued by severe insanities. Flaw; Must take a mental illness, which has manifest to a horrific degree in them. However, they also gain visions of the past, present and future each month. Disciplines; Dominate, Auspex, Obfuscate

Nosferatu, horrifically deformed and ugly creatures who are masters of information gathering. Flaw; Must disguise themselves at all times to preserve the masquerade, as otherwise they are walking abominations. However, they also have access to an underground network of information and whispers. Disciplines; Obfuscate, Animalism, Potence

Toreador, artists and performers with a love of all things beautiful. Flaw; Any piece of artwork or natural beauty catches your eye, but if it’s related to a specific topic (of your choice) then you become completely enraptured and cannot react to the world around you. Disciplines; Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Tremere, a close-knit and cult-esque clan who possess incredible magic, but must absolutely adhere to the elders within their clan over all else. Flaw; Fanatically loyal to clan elders and their whims, highly susceptible to Dominate calls from higher-ranked clan members, are more easily Blood Bonded and cannot take the Unbondable merit. Disciplines; Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Dominate

Ventrue, the clan of politics and leadership, tend to have holds in various mortal companies and great wealth. Flaw; May only feed on one very specific group of mortals, such as “Only single women under 40” or “Italian bodybuilders over 6ft tall”. Disciplines; Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Caitiff, the “clanless” vampires, suffer no clan flaw per sé but tend to be reviled and hated by vampire society. Flaw; Despised and vilified by other Kindred. Disciplines; Caitiff have no set disciplines, however they may choose any two disciplines (not Thaumaturgy or Protean) at character creation which will be treated as if they were in-clan. Any other disciplines learned or advanced cost a slightly reduced amount compared to other clans learning out-of-clan disciplines.