How to… Gangrel

A guide and refresher on Clan Gangrel

How to use this guide

This guide is to give an overview of standard and general knowledge of the clan. This is by no means a definitive guide nor an enforced how to.

However, these are all things that should be considered for those that are looking to play this clan. Even if your character is a trendsetter seeking to break the clan mold you still need to be aware of the basic structure your character is flouting.

Who are the Gangrel?

The Gangrel of Modern nights are the Wild Ones, the feral, the monster and the hunter. They are also the tracker, the scout and the storyteller. Children of the Gangrel are chosen for their tenacity and resilience.

What makes a Gangrel?

This Clan are loners and travellers who have very close relations with the Roma. These Kindred are the shape-changers, and are the only Clan that will not normally be attacked on sight by a Werewolf (they will be warned once and only once). They are survivors and live hard unlives moving from place to place never feeling at home in the city and not safe in the wilderness. A newly embraced Gangrel is often abandoned by their sire and left to survive and fend for themselves before being taken in by the clan

The clan disciplines are Fortitude, Animalism and Protean.

The clan often closely guards the secrets of the discipline Protean as it is a dangerous weapon should it be turned against them.

The Clan Flaw

At character creation, each Gangrel has one physical and one mental animal trait, decided on by you and okay’d or veto’d by the Narrator group.

Further, if a Gangrel frenzies after character creation, there is a chance they may gain a new animal trait on top of their current ones. All physical and mental traits must be visible, either through your roleplay or with a visrep.

Examples of physical flaws include having a tail, a patch of scales, insect wings, or a badger stripe.

Examples of mental flaws include incredible curiosity, pack mentality or territory marking (please don’t actually pee on things)

Internal Clan Structure

Due to the wild and scattered nature of the Clan, they follow a rather primal hierarchy structure. Those who can vouch for either their age or strength are often seen as leaders amongst the rest of the Clan and given respect  accordingly. Those who wish to improve their standing within the clan will often challenge these individuals to oust them from their standing.

Whilst primarily loners, groups of gangrel will often forms packs to live and hunt together. One of the best known examples of this are the Packs of the North – a group of around 20 to 25 combat capable Gangrel that patrol the neutral territories of Scotland to make sure they stay that way.

With reputation being a key part of clan prestige, clan members known for their story telling ability will often find themselves in good standing as others hope to keep on the good side of those that control the history the rest of the clan hears.

What they think of others?

As a clan of loners, they often dislike and distrust other clans. Most prominently this is seen against the Toreador as the clan of the Rose often treat Gangrel as mere animals. Ventrue as well are disliked for their disregard of the Gangrel as little more than a meat shield.

They share a mutual respect with the Nosferatu due to the similarities in both their curses and their outlook. Brujah are regarded positively as they are often fighting side by side on the front lines with the Clan. In regards, to Malakvians, most Gangrel keep a healthy distance for their own safety and that of the malkavians.

Like most other clans, they have a healthy distrust of the secretive Tremere Clan, but at the same time, a healthy respect for a clan that can throw lightning and fireballs around. That and Gangrel seem to interest Tremere, which often results in mysterious disappearances.

Clan Gangrel are fiercely loyal to their chosen sect and will often react viciously to fellow clan members of the opposite sect.

Clan specific Merits and Flaws


Open Road: [2pts] You know lots of safe places to hide and safe travel routes between places, thus making travel of any kind much easier for you. This does not grant you properties as a result of this, merely know good places to hide out or keep out of sight in while traversing the land. Whilst not specific to the Gangrel, it is highly recommended.

Inoffensive to Animals [0-1pt] Animals no longer react aggressive or fearfully towards you – perceiving you as a predator, and instead treat you as they would any other regular human. This merit is free for anyone with Animalism, or 1pt otherwise.


The following merits and flaws cannot be taken by a Gangrel:

Recommended Skills and Backgrounds

Gangrel Ties

Even someone as simple as your sire can help you get started on influencing your clan’s opinions


The ability to survive, navigate and track in the wilderness. Also may you may use it to bind people with ropes.


As one of the more martial clans, this are often a classic skill choice when combined with level 2 Protean.

Animal Ken

With their animalistic wander stereotype, Gangrel often know about and how to care for animals.

A Final Note

This guide is meant to describe the typical Gangrel. As stated at the start, that does not prevent you from playing a member of this clan with a different base concept, but you will need to have a good reason in your history why your sire chose you to join the clan.

In addition, if you heavily deviate from a typical clan member be prepared to face ridicule or mockery from the rest of the clan.