How to… Tremere

A guide and refresher on Clan Tremere

How to use this guide

This guide is to give an overview of standard and general knowledge of the clan. This is by no means a definitive guide nor an enforced how to.

However, these are all things that should be considered for those that are looking to play this clan. Even if your character is a trendsetter seeking to break the clan mold you still need to be aware of the basic structure your character is flouting.

Who are the Tremere?

The Tremere of modern nights are the occultists, the magician, the secret historian and the researcher. They are also the warden, the archivist and the innovator. The Children of the Tremere are carefully chosen for their knowledge and diligence.

What makes a Tremere?

The Tremere Clan is shrouded in mystery. The Clan is based in Vienna from where the Clan Elders dictate the movements of the Clan. They are the stereotypical mysterious warlocks of old and as such can be a terrifying force. Tremere are often seen as the ‘power behind the throne’ in a city, regardless of whether they actually are or not. They are not often trusted, as their mysterious nature and unique powers give everyone cause for concern. They were instrumental in the creation of the Camarilla and as such are dedicated to its ideals, or at least as much as it suits them.

The disciplines of Clan Tremere are Auspex, Dominate and Taumaturgy.

As your first character within Embraced, you may not pick Tremere due to their added complexity in rules, social structure and how they are Roleplayed.

The Clan Flaw

As a member of clan Tremere, you are fanatically loyal to your clan and any of your superiors. You cannot outright deny the wishes of someone of a higher standing than you within the clan, and you may not take the Unbondable merit. Tremere are effectively blood bound to the elders of their clan (to 2 points). All bonds count as one level higher due to the Tremere bonding ritual, and you cannot use your Willpower when attempting to resist a Dominate call from a Tremere of a higher circle.

Internal Clan Structure

Structure, tradition and respect are paramount to the Tremere. Each member of the tremere follow the Pyramid, which is the internal hierarchy. The Pyramid is made up of seven ‘circles’ and each circle contains seven levels within that. One’s circle denotes one of several characteristics that have earned them prestige and further responsibility, such as skill in Thaumaturgy, years of experience and hard work, successful political machinations, or simple favoritism. The higher one’s circle, the more authority and power they have access to, but they are also expected to provide more for the clan and given less tolerance for failure. Promotion and demotion is dealt by members of higher rank, though tribunals may also be called where accomplishments and failings are examined. The pursuit of promotion is one of the most motivating factors for the clan’s members to excel and obey Tremere doctrine, though advancement is rarely as simple as that.

On top of this there are specific roles within the clan in each city or chantry building such as Regent, Sentinel, Librarian, Researcher and so on. Each of these positions hold a minimum circle expectation.

What they think of others?

Even though the Clan are distrusted by almost all of the rest of the Camarilla for their secrecy and sorcery, most choose to rise above such pettiness.

They have respect for Clan Ventrue, who’s internal hierarchy is the closest match to their own, as well as the Brujah for their scholarly past. They also tend to be fascinated with the Malkavians as their visions help unlock further mysteries. The Toreador are treated cordially, if only for influence of the harpies can bring.

They are both distrusting and fascinated by the Nosferatu and Gangrel. The nosferatu for their own secretive nature and the Gangrel for their more feral temperament. Both however are interesting in the aspect of their Curse and its physical effects upon them.

The loyalty of the Tremere is to the Clan above all. And the loyalty of the Clan is to the Camarilla. Any who claim otherwise are strongly dissuaded from these notions.

Clan specific Merits and Flaws


Concentration merit [1pt] You do not suffer negatives to your ESRs while in stressful situations.

Whilst not specific to Tremere, it is highly considered a must-have for Tremere, where a distraction while performing a ritual could have disastrous consequences.


Thaumaturgically Inept: [3pts] You may not start the game with Thaumaturgy paths any higher than 1, and their cost for both freebie points and experience are as if Thaumaturgy were an out-of-clan discipline for you. You also may not purchase any additional rituals at character creation, however afterwards you may purchase rituals as normal and progress in Thaumaturgy paths at the out-of-clan costs.

The following merits and flaws cannot be taken by a Tremere: Unbondable, Sympathetic Bond,

Recommended Skills and Backgrounds

Tremere Ties

Even someone as simple as your sire can help you get started on influencing your clan’s opinions

University, Library, and Museum ties

With their stereotype of scholars, Tremere often have some form of academic connection.


As the masters of mysticism, this skill is essential, especially for using certain rituals.


Being able to speak another language not only aids in scholarly pursuits but also helps keeps secrets hidden.

A Final Note

This guide is meant to describe the typical Tremere. As stated at the start, that does not prevent you from playing a member of this clan with a different base concept, but you will need to have a good reason in your history why your sire chose you to join the clan.

In addition, if you heavily deviate from a typical clan member be prepared to face ridicule or difficulty from the rest of the clan. Out of all the Clans, the Tremere are the most dogmatic and most likely to hinder any of their clan they see as deviant.