How to… Ventrue

A guide and refresher on Clan Ventrue

How to use this guide

This guide is to give an overview of standard and general knowledge of the clan. This is by no means a definitive guide nor an enforced how to.

However, these are all things that should be considered for those that are looking to play this clan. Even if your character is a trendsetter seeking to break the clan mold you still need to be aware of the basic structure your character is flouting.

Who are the Ventrue?

The Ventrue of modern nights are the leaders, the businessman, the royalty and the politician. They are also the kingpin, the lawmaker and the judge. The Children of the Ventrue are chosen for their ambition and power.

What makes a Ventrue?

Ventrue see themselves as the most traditional Vampires. Usually the leaders, many Princes are Ventrue. They tend to be honest and reliable and will try to help another Camarilla Vampire in trouble, especially another Ventrue. As natural leaders the Ventrue Clan are heavily involved in the Mortal business world. As a result most Ventrue have access to a lot of resources and are generally the first Clan that others turn to if they want to get hold of unusual items. As in Mortal society, Ventrue hold a great deal of influence over Kindred society, and as they possess great powers of persuasion and influence, they rarely fail to get what they want. Some Vampires refer to them as the civil servants of the Camarilla, but those Kindred soon realise the error of their ways in many different fashions.

The disciplines of the Ventrue are Dominate, Fortitude and Presence.

The Clan Flaw

All Ventrue have an exceedingly specific taste, and may only feed off a certain group of kine, chosen at character creation and OK’d by Narrators.

Generally, this group should be a very specific and small, to approximately 5% of the local populace. “Italian bodybuilders over 5’7” would be a viable category, “Single women” would not. You cannot take this alongside Prey Exclusion, and this limited food supply must be a human of some kind.

Possible examples can be:

“5ft 4 natural blonde female business owners”
“5ft 6 or above second born sons of direct royal lineage”
“Divorced Male swiss expats”
“Women that have beaten the character in a fair combat”
“Individuals of german descent that have fallen in true love with the character without trickery, bribery or interference from outside sources”

Internal Clan Structure

Hierarchy and respect is everything to the Ventrue. A young ventrue should always defer to the authority of those who are their elder or who hold more political or financial sway than them.

Part of this is the clan system of prestige called Dignitas; it is a measure of a vampire’s reputation and responsibility among his peers. It is not only simple dignity, but also denotes a venture’s standing in society, their social stature and their honour. Dignitas is everything to Clan Ventrue, almost sacred.

It is the sum of a kindred’s accomplishments to date. The battles won, offices held, and alliances made all come together to increase a Ventrue’s dignitas. At the same time, conflicts lost, insults taken, and failures recognized all serve to detract from his status.

A Ventrue’s dignitas can fall just as it can rise,and with it their standing within the clan.

What they think of others?

Most ventrue look down on the other clans, especially the Brujah and Gangrel. To the Venture, these clans are seen as thugs and ruffians at best, feral beasts at worst. The Malkavians as well are looked down upon as buffoons. However the clan acknowledge that all of these clans are occasionally useful.

Clan Toreador is respected as one of the more ‘civilised’ clans and valuable political movers. The same can also be said of the nosferatu, though most Ventrue would prefer to keep their dealings with this clan under the table.

Like most other clans, they have a healthy distrust of the secretive Tremere Clan, but at the same time, a healthy respect for a clan that can throw lightning and fireballs around. However, as one of the key clans to vote on the inclusion of the Tremere, many ventrue believe the Tremere owe a debt to them.

As one of the key founders of the Camarilla, sect loyalty will trump that of clan for the ventrue.

Clan specific Merits and Flaws


Paragon: [5-7pt] For one of your backgrounds (already at 5 points) you gain an extra feature on top of what a 5-point tie would normally grant you. The personal attention of a very powerful figure within the background, or a hand in Military operations and resources. “Paragon; Resources” would be having the ear of the head of a world bank or many members of a bank board, or “Paragon; Military” would be an access-all-areas card or similar.


The following merits and flaws cannot be taken by a Ventrue: Prey Exclusion,

Recommended Skills and Backgrounds

Ventrue Ties

Even someone as simple as your sire can help you get started on influencing your clan’s opinions.

Business, finance, government ties

With their money-maker and political stereotype, Venture often have some form of financial connection.


The ability to evaluate an artifact or a contract for finer details is an important skill.


With such a limited diet, it is vital to secure a feeding source

A Final Note

This guide is meant to describe the typical Ventrue. As stated at the start, that does not prevent you from playing a member of this clan with a different base concept, but you will need to have a good reason in your history why your sire chose you to join the clan.

In addition, if you heavily deviate from a typical clan member be prepared to face ridicule or mockery from the rest of the clan.