How to…Brujah

How to…Brujah

A guide and refresher on Clan Brujah

How to use this guide

This guide is to give an overview of standard and general knowledge of the clan. This is by no means a definitive guide nor an enforced how to.

However, these are all things that should be considered for those that are looking to play this clan. Even if your character is a trendsetter seeking to break the clan mold you still need to be aware of the basic structure your character is flouting.

Who are the Brujah?

The Brujah of modern nights are the fighters, the soldier, the anarchist, the biker, the rebel. They are also the scholar, the historian and the writer.  Children of the Brujah are chosen for their passion and skill.

What makes a Brujah?

Most Brujah are young and rebellious, striking out at anything they see as attempting to restrain them with their new-found strength. There are those amongst the Clan who differ, choosing words over weapons but all suffer from the curse of a quick temper.

Brujah have three separate ideologies but each has their own place within the Clan:

  • Iconoclast: Rebels and deviants. “Might makes Right”
  • Individualist: Free thinkers and individuals. “Free Speech, Free Mind, Free Choice.”
  • Idealist: Philosophers and intellectuals. “Mind over Might”

The clan disciplines are Potence, Presence and Celerity.

The Clan Flaw

All Brujah suffer a Passion; a topic or theme that invokes a strong emotional response in them that they are compelled to respond to.  This can range from topics such as ‘pursuit of knowledge’, ‘social freedom’ or ‘family’.

If this theme or topic comes up in discussion, you will be highly passionate about its discussion and insist that your viewpoint be heard. If people go against your viewpoint, or if the topic comes up in practice and is opposed (say, your theme is freedom of expression, and rules are being passed stating that you cannot do certain things) you will get heated and may even fall to frenzy.

Note; Just as you are supposed to be excitable over the topic of your Brujah Passion, you are also supposed to get heated and angry at people who oppose your view – either in word or in practice. In addition your frenzy level is a higher number thus when angered you are more likely to frenzy when this hot topic comes up.

Internal Clan Structure

Respect within the clan is something not something that is automatically given; it must be earned. Simply being an elder or holding a position of power may give you consideration but in the end, they mean nothing to the clan unless you can it back up with either your physical prowess or with well chosen words.

Brujah often form gangs with other like-minded brujah within a city. Whilst one person may become the de facto leader of these gangs, they are still at the whims of the other brujah and will be swiftly ousted – usually in a violent manner – if their clanmates disagree with them.

What do they think of others?

Typically, Brujah tend not to get on too well with the Ventrue Clan, and they take great delight in antagonising them at every opportunity.

They tend to get along with clan Gangrel, either as fellow fighters or useful sparring partners. The same goes for Nosferatu Clan.

The Toreador and Malkavian Clan tend to be looked down on by the Brujah. Whilst they acknowledge they have their uses, both clans have a tendency to find and push a Brujah’s specific buttons.

Like most other clans, they have a healthy distrust of the secretive Tremere Clan, but at the same time, a healthy respect for a clan that can throw lightning and fireballs around.

Sect loyalty is very important to Clan Brujah. They will tend to prioritize sect over clan.

Clan specific Merits and Flaws



The following merits and flaws cannot be taken by a brujah: Calm Heart,

Recommended Skills and Backgrounds

Brujah Ties

Even someone as simple as your sire can help you get started on influencing your clan’s opinions.

Criminal ties

With their ‘Lost Boys’ and gang stereotype, Brujah often have some form of criminal connection.

Brawl, Firearms and Melee

As one of the more martial clans, these are often a classic skill choice.


The ability to survive, navigate and track in the city streets is often vital for a more urban clan.

A Final Note

This guide is meant to describe the typical Brujah. As stated at the start, that does not prevent you from playing a member of this clan with a different base concept, but you will need to have a good reason in your history why your sire chose you to join the clan.

In addition, if you heavily deviate from a typical clan member be prepared to face ridicule or mockery from the rest of the clan.