Kindred Lore

Kindred Lore

ESR 1 and 2 is available to view by all players.  If your character has a higher level please contact the Narrators for further information.

Level 1:

  • You have a satisfactory understanding of how vampire physiology works (blood=good, fire=bad etc.).
  • You are aware that staking does not kill a vampire but only immobilizes them for the duration of the staking (See the embraced rulebook for rules covering this situation).
  • You are aware of how the embrace works and could perform it if you wished.
  • You are also aware there is no known way to revert to mortality once the individual has been embraced.
  • You have heard of Diablerie which is the act of drinking the soul of another Kindred and stealing their power.  You are also aware that this is generally considered the most heinous of acts in most of Kindred society.
  • You know of “the beast”, a name for the base impulses to feed and kill that is present in all vampires.
  • You are familiar with the mechanics of Frenzy and Rotschreck (see embraced rulebook) in reaction to specific stimuli.  Furthermore, you have heard of the wassail.  This is the condition of “the beast” permanently taking hold of a vampire.
  • You are familiar that most mortals find sexual ecstasy in a vampires bite. You are also aware this ecstasy is shared by the vampire who is feeding as well as the mortal being fed upon.
  • You know about the blood bond or blood oath and know it’s best to avoid it.
  • You know that a ghoul is a mortal or animal that regularly imbibes the blood of a vampire and gains some of the benefits of the vampires strength (slowed ageing and increased strength for example) without receiving the full curse of Caine.  You know that some Kindred employ these ghouls as servitors or retainers.
  • You know that Torpor (see embraced rulebook) is a form of vampiric hibernation which Kindred enter due to disillusion with society, starvation or injury.  Furthermore, you are aware that Torpor can last for centuries.
  • You can name all the 7 Camarilla aligned clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Tremere, Ventrue, Malkavian, Nosferatu and Toreador) as well as the two prominent Sabbat aligned clans (Tzimisce and Lasombra).
  • You are aware of the two major sects (Sabbat and Camarilla) as well as the gist of their basic ideologies.
  • You have heard that the mythical progenitor of the Kindred is the biblical figure, Caine.  You understand the basic concept of generation.  Specifically that the closer a vampires generation is to the mythical Caine figure, the more powerful they are supposed to be.
  • You are familiar with the concept of the antediluvians who were the clan progenitors.
  • You have heard of the concept of the Jyhad where elders attempt to play younger vampires off against each other to preserve their power

Level 2:

  • You have a basic, if somewhat stereotyped understanding of each of the clans (eg Ventrue are all rich businessmen, Nosferatu all live in sewers).
    You can recognise the traditional symbols used to designate the Camarilla clans.
  • You are familiar with the general effects of the disciplines portrayed in the rulebook (this does not include Thuamaturgy).
  • You know that Diablerie can allow the Diablerist to unnaturally lower their generation and occasionally steal the powers, abilities and aptitudes of the victim by consuming their soul.  You know the process is not entirely clean and the Diablerist may start to exhibit the personality traits and quirks of the victim.
  • You know that a vampire who enters the wassail becomes a wight.  The wight is mostly a mindless remenant of the individual driven solely by the need to kill and feed.  However they exhibit a great deal of cunning and can be very dangerous.
  • You know specifically that a blood bond is formed by someone imbibing a Kindred’s blood on three separate nights.
  • You know that several elders enter torpor for an extended period of time during which time they remain inert.  You are aware that vampires with less grip on their humanity tend to enter torpor for a longer period.  You are also aware that vampire can enter a torpor from starvation where the body will become withered and desiccated as the body tries to feed on itself for nourishment.  Rumour has it that this process is excruciatingly painful.
  • You have heard of the Book of Nod, an ancient chronicle supposedly telling of Caines exile in the land of Nod.  It also contains much of the founding mythology of vampire kind.
  • You have heard of the First City (Enoch) where Caine alledgedly settled with his legendary childer.  Furthermore, you have heard of the second city which was built after Enoch was destroyed in the biblical flood.  Further to this, you have heard of Carthage, which is sometimes called the Third city which was apparently a great Cainite stronghold before its destruction during the Punic wars.
  • You heard the legend that the Antediluvians diablerised their progenitors (ie the second generation) and received their respective curses from Caine as a result, even if you aren’t sure what all the curses are.
  • You have heard the myth of the reawakening of the Antediluvians which will bring about the endtimes.  This is known to the Kindred as the Gehenna.
  • You have heard of the first Anarch revolt which was an uprising during the dark ages where the younger classes of vampires rose up and tried to overthrow their elders.  You are aware the Sabbat and Camarilla formed because of this.
  • You have heard that some desperate Kindred throw their lot with infernal forces and demons.  You are also aware that nothing good can come of this.
  • You have heard of the mythical state of Golconda in which a vampire can find peace with their Beast and attain a slight respite from the damnation of their existence.  You are also aware that this is almost universally considered a fairy tale in kindred society.