Ambidexterity, 1pt, you may use your off-hand just as well as you use your main hand. Performing skills or wielding weapons with your off-hand no longer suffers a -1 to ESR, guns no longer miss more often with your offhand than they do your main hand. Note; Brawl, MA;A and MA;D are all unaffected by the penalties regardless of if you have Ambidexterity.

Baby Face, 1pt, you physically appear to be alive. You have a pulse, you are warm to the touch, and if in a Protean animal form other animals will consider you to be one of them, rather than a strange other creature that just happens to look like them. Additionally, you can secrete fluids the same as a living human — spit, cry, all the rest of it, without this merit you would simply secret blood instead of the fluid that should be produced.

Blasé, 3pts, Toreador only, provides immunity to Presence levels 1 and level 2 “fear” calls from the Presence discipline, but not “Advanced Fear” calls.

Boon, 1-6pts, another vampire owes you a Boon. The point cost denotes how large the boon is, and how powerful the vampire who owes you it is. Each instance of this merit is a seperate boon, either from the same vampire or another. The vampire who owes the boon doesn’t have to be nice to it, and may dick you over deliberately in order to make you call the boon in.

Calm heart, 2pts cost, your frenzy level is 1 lower and thus you’re more resilient to falling into a frenzy of any kind. Cannot be taken with the flaw Uncontrollable Anger.

Concentration, 1pt, you do not suffer negatives to your ESRs while in stressful situations. A must-have for Tremere, where a distraction while performing a ritual could have disastrous consequences.

Controllable Thirst, 1pt. Once your blood pool has lowered to your frenzy level, you have 5 more seconds before your beast takes over and you are forced to attack and feed of whoever (or whatever) the nearest source of blood is. For reference, if your Willpower is 1-3, you will have these precious 5 seconds to remove yourself from the source provoking a frenzy. With Willpower 4, this becomes 10 seconds, and at Willpower 5 this becomes 15 seconds.

Deceptive Aura, 1pt, you register as Mortal to aura checks.

Eat, 1pt, you may consume food without having to later vomit it up again. The food gives you no actual sustenance. Any vampire may consume drink without having to vomit it up, but unless that drink is vitae it also provides no actual sustenance.

Endurance, 2-4pts, grants you either one or two extra levels of both Subdual and Physical health (based on whether you take the 2 or 4 point cost)

Foul Blood, 3pts, Nosferatu only, your blood is so repulsive that anyone with less than 4 willpower who attempts to taste or ingest your blood will immediately vomit it back up. Even characters suffering from a Frenzy will not go near you.

Greater Colours, 2pt, Toreador only, you may glean more information out of an Aura check. Rather than simply learning your target’s emotion, you may ask a single simple question about their current state, such as “Who is your anger directed at?” or “How intense is your emotion?”. This merit will, however, also make you more susceptible to entrancement when viewing physical media – regardless of whether the media suits your specific Toreador theme or not.

Hidden Diablerie, 5pt, committing the heinous act of Diablerie does not manifest in your aura for some reason. Normally, committing diablerie causes a thick black line to appear in your aura, visible to anyone who uses aura check on you. Normally this line fades slowly over 20 years to a thin, but still visible, black line but will never fully vanish. With this merit the line never manifests in the first place.

Immaculate Aura, 1pt, Malkavian only, your aura does not betray when you are suffering your Derangement. Normally, a Malkavian’s aura becomes swirly while their Derangement is in effect (otherwise it looks normal).

Inoffensive to Animals, 0-1pt, animals no longer react aggressive or fearfully towards you – perceiving you as a predator, and instead treat you as they would any other regular human. This merit is free for anyone with Animalism, or 1pt otherwise.

Iron Will, 2pts, mortals with this merit may use their Willpower to resist dominate the same way vampires do, or for a vampire this merit grants +1 effective willpower when trying to resist Dominate.

Light sleeper, 2pt, you wake up an hour before “true dark”, handy for getting more done during Downtimes or showing up to certain time-ins before others do. Requires humanity 6 to take.

Medium, 5pts, you can see one of the spirit worlds (either the worlds of ghosts, or the world of actual spirits such as nature spirits). Just as you can see these worlds, so too can denizens of those worlds see you.

Misplaced heart, 5pts, your heart is elsewhere in your body, thus making attempts to stake you much more difficult. You must decide with Narrators at character creation exactly where your heart is now located within your body.

Open Road, 2pts, you know lots of safe places to hide and safe travel routes between places, thus making travel of any kind much easier for you. This does not grant you properties as a result of this, merely know good places to hide out or keep out of sight in while traversing the land.

Paragon, 5-7pt merit, Ventrue only. For one of your backgrounds (already at 5 points) you gain an extra feature ontop of what a 5-point tie would normally grant you. The personal attention of a very powerful figure within the background, or a hand in Military operations and resources. “Paragon; Resources” would be having the ear of the head of a world bank or many members of a bank board, or “Paragon; Military” would be an access-all-areas card or similar.

Polyglot, 5pts, you know a lot of languages. Take 16 languages for your character to be fluent in (not including your native language which every character has for free at creation, normally English)

Sleep Unseen, 2pts, Nosferatu only. You may sleep while in Obfuscate, if you have Obfuscate 1-3 you still require to be hidden behind an object for the Obfuscate to hold, but if you have Obfuscate 4+ you may sleep anywhere and remain invisible. Costs 1 blood to activate, regardless of your Obfuscate level.

Sympathetic bond, 5pts, cannot be taken by Tremere. Whenever you are bloodbonded, you subconsciously cause a supernatural feedback that causes the vampire you are bonded to to also become bonded to you. Does not work with Unbondable, either you or the vampire attempting to bond you. This is capable of forming a second three-point bond if the vampire attempting to bond you is already three-point bonded to someone else. Note; If you bloodbond someone, they do not in turn bond you back unless they also have Sympathetic Bond as a merit.

Unbondable, 5pts, cannot be taken by Tremere. You cannot be blood bonded in any way.