Although you are still physically present while using any level of Obfuscate, and as such any use of recording equipment will register your presence when viewed later on (but not at the time of recording), the minds of those immediately perceiving you (even if watching through a device at the time, such as CCTV) are altered to not notice that you are present and thus make you effectively invisible (or unrecognisable for the level 3 power). Any action which brings attention to you will cause you to drop out of Obfuscate (with the exception of the Level 3 power) such as making a loud noise, tripping over something, interacting with your surroundings while being viewed, or wielding a weapon ready to strike or pull a trigger. Mechanically, place one finger in the air to indicate that you are physically present but cannot currently be seen.

Auspex is used as a direct counter to Obfuscate of any level; a call of Auspex equal to or greater than your Obfuscate level will reveal you to whoever made the Auspex call, this includes the level 3 power. Note however that it’s expected you would have a good reason to use Auspex to scan the area, and simply abusing the power to immediately see anyone that you notice Out Of Character is considered bad play.

When entering into Obfuscate, you do not ‘suddenly vanish’ from the sight of people who might be looking at you at the time, and instead seem to simply slip away without them noticing. When your Obfuscate drops, however, you immediately appear and being seen by a mortal to simply pop into existence may cause a Masquerade Breach (or a very unhappy Keeper wondering why you’re using disciplines in their Elysium). This depends if you drop your Obfuscate in a subtle manner, or if you accidentally draw attention to yourself and your Obfuscate breaks.

Having your Obfuscate seen through, either by drawing attention to yourself or by someone using Auspex, does not immediately break your Obfuscate but rather outs you to the people who observe you drawing attention to yourself or using Auspex. They may choose to keep quiet about your presence, or they might make physical contact with you (which includes shooting you) and thus break your Obfuscate to everyone.

Inanimate objects may not be hidden unless you are actively carrying them. Other people may not be hidden unless they are included when using the Level 5 ability.

A vis-rep of a white full- or half-face mask, with “OB 3” clearly written on it, is required when using the level 3 power Mask of a Thousand Faces to clearly distinguish when someone is using the power.

1. “Cloak of shadows”, as long as you remain completely still and are at least partially hidden behind an object (a lamp post, a chair, any object that at least partially hides you and not something tiny like a leaf or a stick), you can become effectively invisible. If anyone has an unbroken line of sight with you, they can see through your Obfuscate at this level. Costs no blood, lasts until dropped or someone sees through your Obfuscate and outs you to other observers.

2. “Vanish”, you may move for up to 10 seconds while remaining invisible, moving no faster than walking pace and subject to all the other restrictions for Obfuscate to remain in effect. Costs 1 blood per 10-second use.

3. “Mask of a Thousand Faces”, people who observe you do not recognise you, and cannot describe your appearance to other people other than with exceptionally vague descriptions (average-ish height maybe, can’t remember hair colour or style, didn’t really notice their build or shape, no idea what clothes they were wearing). If you introduce yourself to someone, they will recognise you by the name you introduce yourself as for the duration of the conversation you hold, but if you move away and come back to them later they will once more fail to recognise you until you introduce yourself again. This can be used with either your character’s real name (the target will then recognise you as your character, and can describe you as they have previously seen you but not how you currently look, until you break the conversation and move away again) or as a false name you give them (the target will treat you as a separate person who goes by this false name, but will not assume you to be any other established character — you can’t use this to impersonate people). You may, however, maintain this false alternate identity that people will remember if you once again introduce yourself by that name.

Costs 1 blood cost to maintain the mask for 1 hour, may be seen through with Auspex as normal, but cannot be broken by you calling attention to yourself. Recordings of you while under Mask of a Thousand Faces will reveal your true appearance when viewed later on.

A vis-rep of a white full- or half-face mask, with “OB 3” clearly written on it, is required when using the level 3 power Mask of a Thousand Faces to clearly distinguish when someone is using the power.

4. “Unseen presence”, functions as the level 2 power, however lasts indefinitely rather than for only 10 seconds – subject to all the same restrictions and broken by all the usual causes as per the other Obfuscate levels. You may additionally spend a blood point to whisper into someone’s ear while remaining unnoticed. Costs 1 blood to initially activate, and a further 1 blood to whisper into someone’s ear.

5. “Cloak of the Gathering”, functions the same as Unseen Presence, however you may take other people into your Obfuscate so long as they maintain contact with you, remain at walking pace, and do not call attention to themselves. If one of your Gathering calls attention to themselves, the Obfuscate effect drops for them and them alone. If you, as the user of the power, call attention to yourself everyone else under your Gathering also loses the effect of this power. Costs 1 additional blood per person you take under your Gathering, up to 5 extra people.