Perception Skills

Appraise; The ability to determine the value of an item.

Artistic Expression; Taken once per art medium desired, such as Painting, Singing, Guitar, Ballet etc. Your ESR determines how good you are at that specific medium, and is generally opposed by straight perception to see how impressed someone is by your art. Generally opposed by an observer’s pure Perception, having Perception higher than the Artistic Expression allows you to critique flaws in the art piece – the greater the difference between your Perception and the art piece’s Artistic Expression ESR, the more flaws you can pick out and comment on.

Disguise; The ability to change the physical appearance of yourself or someone else. Higher levels allow the use of prosthetics to further change how your target appears to others. Directly challenged by perception, if someone is in a one-on-one conversation with your character (or staring at them from across the room) they may call their Perception (as the aggressor) and ask if they can see anything out-of-place about your appearance. Note that this skill does not cover you (or your target’s) ability to act differently from normal, merely appear different.

Hide; The ability to hide yourself or an object within an area, or hide an object on your person. Object being hidden must be of a reasonable size if it’s on your person. If hiding yourself, put one finger in the air to simulate being physically present but not neccessarily visible. If anyone has a clear, uninterrupted line of sight with you (pulls back the curtain you’re hiding in) your ‘Hide’ drops. People may counter your Hide with a Search call (Perception / 2 rounded down if they do not have the Search skill), this works on objects concealed within a room, or objects you’re hiding on your person. The Search call is the aggressor here. You may hide as many items on you (up to 12 inches, within reasonable thickness and weight) as you have levels in the Hide skill, and you may hide as many items within your immediate surroundings as you have levels in the Hide skill (the items must be of a small enough size to be reasonably hidden in the area).

Lip Reading; The ability to determine what a person is saying purely by looking at the movement of their mouth. You still need to understand the language being spoken at the time. When using this ability to try and ‘listen’ in on a conversation, you must focus on one person (per level you have in the Lip Reading skill) who you can clearly see from your current position within a distance of (Your Lip Reading ESR)*2 in metres, and then (placing two fingers in the air to denote “I am not physically here, but able to perceive the area”) may approach the person (or people) in question to hear what they are saying. Note that you technically do not understand what anyone else in the conversation is saying if you do not have clear sight of their lips, nor can you see anything you couldn’t see from your previous position. We trust our players to understand this and attempt to ignore additional information they are not privy to in-character.

Marksmanship; Allows you to call more damage with Firearms, by taking three seconds to aim your shot. You may call additional damage with a firearm (up to and including, but not above, the weapon’s maximum damage) by aiming for three seconds. This allows you to call additional damage equal to your Marksmanship ESR (again, not going above the firearm’s maximum rating). At ESR 4 with Marksmanship you may make called shots against a specific body part (arm, leg, head) on your target, for instance, “Physical 4 Headshot”. Not specifying a body part means the shot is assumed to have hit the chest. Auspex 1 may be used to increase your Perception rating to get a higher ESR for Marksmanship, however as soon as the weapon is fired all of your senses will be overloaded for ten minutes rendering you unable to properly perform skills and unable to use your Heightened Senses again until the effect is over.

Search; The ability to search either a location for hidden items/people, or frisking a person for concealed objects. Simply put, either call your Search ESR to a Narrator to search a room (the Narrator will tell you if you find anything out of place) or to a person hiding with one finger in the air, as they may be using the Hide skill rather than something more supernatural like Obfuscate. [If you intend to also use Auspex just incase they are in Obfuscate, call this at the same time]. Alternatively, if you wish to frisk someone, call your Search ESR and ask them what they have on their person — the Search is the aggressor in this situation, and your target reveals any objects they have on them that are not covered by a higher Hide ESR. Remember, objects hidden on a person may be no bigger than 1ft in length and must be of a reasonably small thickness/width to conceal on your person.