For 1 blood, you may perform one of three actions; Pump up your Strength rating by your Potence level for a single action (lifting something or someone heavy, moving a train, breaking or ripping off a limb), increase your Strength-based combat damage (Melee or Brawl) by your Potence level for one full combat scene (until people stop throwing attacks and things have settled down), or perform a Potence Leap by jumping up to your Potence level * 10ft into the air (Potence 1 is a 10ft leap, Potence 2 is a 20ft leap, etc.) approximately one story of a building per level of Potence.

Strength 5 is loosely defined at the peak of human capability, going into supernatural territory. Strength 6 would be the ability to tug a large truck full of concrete. Strength 7 could do it without wheels on said truck and only using their teeth. Strength 7 also allows you to tear limbs or the head off of other people, assuming they are initially grappled or pinned in place (or otherwise immobile).