When calling a Presence power, you simply call the power in question. Your actual Presence level is irrelevant (assuming it’s high enough to call the power you wish to use). This power affects any sentient beings equally, ie. animals are just as subject as humans would be, even if they do not understand what is being said or conveyed they will still pay attention or show reverence (for example).

1. “Awe”, call “Presence 1 Awe” and everyone who hears the call must pay attention to you. Also grants you small leniencies, such as the difference between someone you don’t know spilling your drink versus one of your friends accidentally spilling your drink. Your target’s willpower allows them to roleplay being more or less affected by your Awe call, at Willpower 1 the target will pay you their full attention while a Willpower 5 person will look over briefly and keep listening but may return to doing what they were doing before while still listening. No blood cost, instantaneous.

2. “Dread Gaze”, make eye contact with your target and call “Dread Gaze” followed by either Fear or Advanced Fear, which must then be roleplayed. Fear requires you to act threatening in a mundane manner (loud and shouty, draw a blade or gun, threaten someone), while Advanced Fear requires you to show your vampiric nature (hissing to indicate showing your fangs, popping claws, shrugging off damage that would have downed a mortal). Your target should react accordingly to the call of either Fear (maintain distance with the source of Fear) or Advanced Fear (Actively backing away from the source of Advanced Fear). Costs 1 blood, lasts until you remove your attention from the target (or the target removes themselves from your presence).

3. “Entrancement”, causes your target to be enthralled by you and want to do things to make you happy. This does not stop your target’s freedom of thought or expression, and obviously Out Of Character boundaries still exist, anyone attempting to abuse this will be dealt with. The effects of Entrancement will begin to fade after 10 minutes, depending on how well you sustain the roleplay of this power. Note that using Entrancement on someone who otherwise detests you and your presence, they may catch on that you did something to them (after the power has worn off). 1 blood, only affects one target at a time.

4. “Summon”, so long as you have met the intended target, however briefly, you may ‘Summon’ them. The target feels a compulsion to seek you out, for reasons that they themselves think of (“I should go and find that Toreador and smash their teeth in for being a dick” is a valid reason) and gain a rough idea of where you were at the time that Summon was used (generally the building you were in, or outdoors area) but will not put themselves in harm’s way to reach the location and the power will outright fail if they cannot reach the location before sun-up (“harm’s way” includes having to pass through an enemy’s territory, or knowing that the building you’re in is full of beefy security mooks). If your target has a ‘better’ (ie. lower) generation than you, they feel the compulsion, but may choose to ignore it or fulfil it in a different manner (a simple phone call, or demanding that you go and see them instead).

If the target is called to somewhere that isn’t particularly odd or out-of-place, they may not even know they have been Summoned unless they also have this power or have a particularly high Kindred Lore. This also counts for if they have a generation low enough to resist your Summon.

Mortals affected by this power will still head to the location, even if the sun comes up during their journey, however if the sun does rise (and thus you fall asleep, being a Kindred) the power’s effect ends and leaves the Mortal whenever they’d managed to get before the power faded.

Costs; 3 blood if the target is barely known, 2 if the target is relatively known but not too well (at least 10 minutes of conversation), 1 if the target is well known or the Summon power has previously been used on them by you.

5. Majesty, upon calling “Presence 5 Majesty”, so long as you act like a confident and powerful person, people are compelled to pay attention to you and are unable to speak or act against you. Although targets may not agree with what you say, they will not speak up on this matter while Majesty holds. Targets also may not approach nor attack you while your Majesty holds. The Majesty effect ends either when you choose to drop it (calling “Majesty ends”), when you stop acting in a suitable manner (Falling over something, getting eggs thrown at you), or if you (physically) attack someone the Majesty effect will end for them specifically as they become able to defend themselves. If, while under the effects of Majesty, you are called upon to answer a question you will provide them (meekly) with an answer you think will keep them happy, be that the truth or otherwise.

Targets with a better (ie. lower) Generation than you are able to resist the mechanical effects of this power, however they will still feel at least some level of respect towards you.

Costs; 3 blood to activate, then 1 blood per minute after the first minute of activation.