The signature power of Clan Gangrel, although able to be learned by anyone they are willing to teach, Protean is the discipline of shape-shifting. One layer of clothing shifts with you when you perform any full-body shapeshifts (including Earth Meld), however no other objects or pieces of clothing shift with you and are instead left behind, including objects concealed by or attached to the single layer of clothing. For the sake of decency, this includes underwear and a single layer of clothes over the top of them.

Additionally, despite their name, the eye colour for Gleam of Red Eyes and animal forms granted by Shadow of the Beast may be any thematically appropriate alternative that you choose at character creation.

1. “Gleam of Red Eyes”, grants your character the ability to see in low-light situations. While active, your eyes will reflect a red (or thematically appropriate other colour) glint if a light is shone at them. If using this mechanically, using a torch or light of the appropriate colour represents your vision – this is an OOC coloured light and other people ideally should not notice it IC. No blood cost, lasts until cancelled.

2. “Wolf claws”, your fingers become inch-long talons that cause Aggravated damage based on either your Brawl or Martial Arts Attack ESR when used in close-quarters combat. Manipulating fine devices such as the trigger of a gun, or performing actions with held objects such as a weapon with melee, become impossible while your claws are drawn. A potential masquerade breach if observed or recorded. Costs 1 blood to manifest and 1 blood to dismiss.

3. “Earth Meld”, allows you to sink into natural earth large enough in volume to contain you, leaving no disturbance behind on the surface in the spot where you have melded. Anything other than the single layer of clothes closest to your skin is left behind on the surface as you meld, including any foreign objects on your person. This power may be used to conceal yourself before sleeping for the day, however if the earth you are concealed in is somehow disturbed (ie. dug up) you will be suddenly ejected from it — potentially straight into sunlight. Otherwise, you are free to un-meld from the earth at will. Costs; 2 blood to meld.

4. “Shadow of the Beast”, you may transform into either a “travel” form (generally a bat) or a “ground” form (generally a wolf). This must be suitably vis-repped.

In travel form, you can generally fly (or run) at 30mph and may feed as normal, but have half of your health tracks and gain 2 additional perception — you will also suffer some other changes to your character when in travel form, such as greatly reduced strength and inability to use most disciplines, however these will be handled on an as-and-when-needed basis.

Ground form allows you to cause physical damage by performing a bite attack on people, based on your Brawl ESR. Your stats remain the same while in ground form, and you cannot use most (generally mental) disciplines while in this form.

When morphed into either animal form, you can hear and understand spoken human languages, but you cannot communicate in human languages and must instead use vocalisations available to the animal whose form you have taken. This communication barrier may be overcome by the use of Animalism (from another Kindred using Animalism 1 in order to understand what you are trying to say), and your digits are not dextrous enough to write with beyond potentially digging out shapes into soft earth.

Costs; 2 blood points to change, 1 blood point to return.

5. “Mist Form”, your physical form dissolves into a cloud of mist, obeying the limitations that apply to a full-body transformation. While you are a cloud of mist, you may move in any direction at your walking speed and are immune to all damage except from fire and sunlight. The cloud of mist cannot be separated in any way (and if somehow forced into two separate clouds of mist you will instead be forcibly returned to your usual form) and depending on an observer’s perception, they may be able to notice the mist as well as tell which direction the cloud is heading. Perception 2 is required to notice the mist indoors, Perception 3 allows you to know which direction the mist cloud is heading indoors, Perception 4 allows you to notice the mist cloud outdoors, and Perception 5 allows you to tell what direction the mist cloud is heading outdoors. This is a small cloud of mist, rather than a layer that blankets the entire area. Use of the power is represented by crossing both arms across your chest, and while in Mist form you may not interact with any physical object nor make any noises, however you can pass through any opening that will allow air through it. Additionally, if anyone attempts to physically interact with you (unless it involves fire or sunlight) you may call No Effect to indicate that the actions simply pass through you and do not connect. The power drops at will, or if you take damage from either fire or sunlight. Costs; 3 blood to shift.