Skills generally work by calling your ESR (Effective Skill Rating, which is [Stat + Skill]/2, rounded up only if the Skill is higher than the Stat, otherwise rounded down) against whatever you are using the skill on, such as a lock or another person. The person who initially calls their ESR is usually the aggressor, and thus generally the victor in case of a tie.

For example, one character has a Brawl skill of 4 and Strength score of 3, (That’s an ESR of 4, since the two added together are 7, halved is 3.5, then rounded up because the skill of 4 is higher than the stat of 3) while a second character has a Martial Arts; Defense skill of 4 and a Dexterity score of 5 (That’s an ESR of 4, since the two added together are 9, halved is 4.5, then rounded down because the stat is higher than the skill).

Advancing skills is done via Downtimes explaining how your character intends to learn a new skill or improve at an existing skill, as well as mentioning who they intend to teach them the skill in question. The cost to improve a Skill is 2xp per level, or a flat 3xp cost if they are learning the first dot in a new skill. [Ie. If the character has Brawl 2, it would cost 4xp to increase their skill to Brawl 3]. Depending on the level, the skill in question and the method the character is using to learn said skill, it may take a greater period of time to improve in the relevant skill.

Other skills may be considered, upon player request and at Narrator discretion.