Thaumaturgy, rather than being one single discipline, is made up of multiple different “paths” that a character may learn. The character’s effective Thaumaturgy rating is equal to whichever the highest level Path they have is, for instance if your best path is Path of Blood at level 3, your effective Thaumaturgy rating is 3.

You may learn rituals up to your effective Thaumaturgy rating, at character creation you gain a number of free rituals decided by your effective Thaumaturgy rating, and with at least one dot in any Thaumaturgy path you gain the two basic rituals “Commune with Kindred Sire” and “Rite of Introduction” for free.

More detailed Thaumaturgy explanation, paths available, and rituals, can be found in the separate rulebook on Thaumaturgy. A brief explanation of the most common Thaumaturgy path is held below, as well as basic information on how rituals can be learned and the basic rituals available to every Thaumaturge.

Path of Blood;
1. “Taste of Blood”, allows you to determine (upon tasting another kindred’s blood) how much blood is in the target’s system, how recently they have fed and their generation. It does not reveal the target’s clan however. Cost; 0

2. “Blood Rage”, allows you to force the target to spend blood in some manner, normally on healing, but also including activating disciplines (assuming the target can perform the action/discipline specified). If the target cannot perform the action (they’re at full health already, when forced to try and heal) or discipline specified, the Thaumaturge still loses the blood cost for this power, but the target suffers no effect. Cost; 1 per point of blood you are trying to make the target spend.

3. “Blood of Potency”, lower your effective generation by 1 for an hour, for the purpose of resisting certain effects or attempting to wake up a Torpored kindred. Does not allow you to sire with your temporary generation, and can only ever improve your generation by 1. Cost; 1 per hour.

4. “Theft of Vitae”, with a mere touch you may steal a single point of blood from your target. All the usual side-effects of consuming blood from your target still occur, such as blood-bonding or passing on ailments. Cost; 0, you may drain a single point of blood from your target per second of contact. You can hide the effects of this power assuming you are in a busy, crowded area and only take a point or two, otherwise the effects are rather obvious to your target.

5. “Cauldron of Blood”, a terrifying power that mastery over the Path of Blood grants you. Touch your target and call Cauldron of Blood. This effect causes your target to have a point of their own blood boil within their body, losing the point of blood and suffering a point of aggravated damage. Cost; 1 blood per second this effect is held up, causing one point worth of Cauldron of Blood per call/second.


The rituals you get for free at character generation are one ritual at an equal level to each level of effective Thaumaturgy rating you have, or an equivalent number therein. For instance, if you had an effective Thaumaturgy rating of 3, you could have one level 1 ritual, one level 2 ritual and one level 3 ritual. Or, you could trade your level 2 ritual for two level 1 rituals. Or, you could trade your level 3 ritual for one level 2 ritual and one level 1 ritual, or for three level 1 rituals.

The two basic rituals that all Thaumaturges get for free;

Commune with Kindred Sire, commune directly with your sire, or thanks to modern Tremere’s alteration of this ritual, anyone bonded to you or anyone who has tasted your blood since sunrise. The communication is two-way and requires an item belonging to the person you wish to contact.

Rite of Introduction; By speaking into a cloud of steam, you announce your presence to any Tremere who live within the city, starting with the local Regent and working its way down the political ladder if the Regent is not available for whatever reason.