What to do in between games

The Game world does not sleep between games, in fact so much happens between games that there is never a dull moment..

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Downtimes; Write up what your character is doing between Time-Ins, be sure to include any relevant stats or skills from your sheet within the action you are using them.

Your character has an effect on the world, be it their skills or their backgrounds.  The world of vampires is about amassing influence and power, gaining leverage on areas of the mortal world to use as your pawn.

You can use your power for your own means, be it to screw over another character or stop an unfortunate situation occurring to you.  This is done through our downtime system.

How downtimes work –

Between games there are two down cycles, deadlines for these are on the first SUnday after the game and then the Sunday two weeks later.
For each of these cycles you can submit an email to the Narrators detailing what you wish your character to do during that cycle.
For example
Bob the Brujah wants to find Vinny the Ventrue’s nightly routine
your downtime could be

“using my police contacts (level 3) hire a good private investigator (resources 4)  to follow Vinny after he leaves the meet I set up between us.  their job is to keep tabs on his every movement and report his routine to me once known.”

Having backgrounds and skills are useful to getting your goals met, if you do not have the appropriate ability to do something you will likely fail to do it, unless you come up with an ingenious plan.  Remember you can make alliances with other characters to ensure your plans happen.

Downtimes are also useful for finding out information

“using my Camarilla ties 2, i wish to find out who is the current prince of Edinburgh and their council members.”

If you have big plans please be very specific in what you want to do.

“go beat up Vinny” is not great as the narrators don’t really know how you are going about, whereas

“Using the information gained from the private investigator, i now know that Vinny visits 47 High Street at 1am every Thursday.  I will lay in wait for him (using hide 3) and will jump him when he passes by”

A downtime like this may call for a small time-in to be arranged so both players have the opportunity to react appropriately to the situation in real time.    The narrators will contact you if this is the case.  Some small time ins require you to be physically there, others can happen over the internet using skype or the like.

A downtime should include everything you plan on doing in that cycle that the narrators need to make decisions on and give out information.